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Angela draws from her experience of music gathered from over 30 years running college folk venues in the late 70's, running the Speak Easy in Greenwich Village through the early 80's, and her involvement with the production of the Fast Folk Musical Magazine.

Oneonta's "Side Track Cafe"

At Oneonta Angela booked Stan Rogers in his first U.S. tour.  Other artists to frequent the venue: Eric Frandsen, Robin and Linda Williams, The Roches, Lew London, and Jack Hardy. She always looked out for the next great talent, and brought them to the public's ears. Oneonta had the biggest roundhouse in the nation, so she named the cafe to reflect that, decorating it with train memorabilia.

Staff of first national coffee house conference

On the staff for Jeri Goldstein who ran the first coffee house festival on the campus of Oneonta State College. It was held in 1976.

Greenwich Village's "Speak Easy"

After moving to the village in 1978 Angela  began noticing the few venues for folk were not every night and  began searching for a club to house folk music every night. Mike Porco had left Folk City for Florida and left a void for
a hang out space for singer songwriters, traditional and blues lovers hoping for an every night folk experience.

"In the summer of 1981 Vinny Vok and I had found a felafel place on MacDougal Street that was a disco and willing to change.  By the fall I had negotiated press and a framework for musician involvement in the form of a steering committee to run its operations.   The Speak Easy, every night folk club, opened in the fall of 1981 with Lucy Kaplansky, Suzanne Vega, Rod MacDonald and others in the first club poster, and  press from New York Post.

Hoots, popular around the corner at Folk City in the days Mike Porco ran it,  were re-labelled dollar nights. These were the best of the open mike nights.  Ed McCurdy, Paul Kaplan, David Massengill were just some of the hosts. Having looked over the books I kept at the time, those dollar nights would average an amount from no money, to 20 something dollars, meaning that was the number in attendance, but of course those nights were not about the cooperative's income.

Bored with normal booking, nights took on themes:  Tall night, Italian night, girls with glasses, new songs, and erotic song night judged by  Dave Van Ronk and NJ Librarians.

Another judging evening was the Bob Dlylan imitator's contest in August of 1892, with major network coverage and rumors of Dylan himself offering a guitar. It began because I was annoyed that most of the hooters seemed to simply be trying to emulate Bob Dylan. 

Judges were Cynthia Gooding, Mike Porco [who booked Dylan at Folk City, and Geoffrey Stokes of the Village Voice, and Larry Sloman."

Nightly, at the Speak Easy one could hear who was active in the folk world at the time. Before Speak Easy many musician's wrote and played, but few regularly performed, or sang on, other performers tune's.  After the opening of Speak Easy, this changed.

Staff for "Fast Folk Musical Magazine"

The magazine began six months after the opening of the Speak Easy.  It was a magazine and a full LP.  Jack Hardy created this idea with photographer/musician Brian Rose.  We put the magazine together in our tiny Greenwich Village apartment.

What ended up on the record was a representation of a what was happening in the village at the time.  Some of the issues revolved around themes at times (Humor April 83, Women Oct 84) and then the issues began to expand from the Greenwich village crowd to include tributes to Cafe Lena,  the Toronto or the Boston scene.

On the air with Folk Plus since 1993.

 Folk Plus is a blend of music from the contemporary folk scene.  Angela began hosting Folk Plus at hydro-powered, vounteer run WJFF in Jeffersonville, NY. Since that time she has expanded to have her specials air on Sirius radio and other stations nationally. She routinely airs on the stations mentioned in the STATIONS link. 

Currently she creates Folk Plus at home, due to extreme chemical sensitivities.

Staff reviewer for "Sing Out!"

Angela has reviewed several artists in Sing Out! Magazine: The festival in a magazine form out of Bethlehem, PA .

Showcase judge for "N.E.R.F.A." 

Angela has been a North East Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) showcase judge for the Formals, Tri -Centric and Quad Showcases listening to hundreds of songs and casting votes on the final line ups.

At one point Angela performed herself, but with the onset of chemical illness, this is not possible any longer.