on the airwaves since 1993

Folk Plus has been traditionally theme and lyrically based.   Instrumentals are used rarely but occasionally for  segue music.  Over a decade ago in Ottawa at the OCFF,  this hand-out was created as an aide for  more radio  airplay.  Some of these tips may still be useful.

CD Submissions for airplay:
If you are fine with the possiblity that your disk might be passed along to another dj,  to a folk fan or someone else should I feel it doesn't fit my format, then no need to ask, simply mail your release to:
Folk Plus  763 Briscoe Road, Swan Lake NY 12783

This is where I do the listening and the recording of my show.

Digital Submissons:
  E mail me at Folkplus at gmail dot com with an easy link for listening, such as you tube. This will help me to determine if I think you are a match for my format.  
Do not simply e mail digital submissions.