Saturday January 20, 2001 Folk Plus Playlist

Bad Weather Songs

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Theme:    Jay Ansill - "The Two Horizons"  Origami - Flying Fish

1.  James Keelaghan - Get To You
A Recent Future -
"We're all refugees in this donut shop"

2.  Hugh Blumenfeld - Blizzard
Mozart's Money -
"There's a winter storm with my name on it"

3.  Susan McKeown and Linsey Horner - Through the Bitter Frost and Snow
Song Poets - Primecd -
"the earth is frozen solid"

4.  Lui Collins - Awaiting the Snow
Baptism of Fire -
"I've built up the fire, brought in extra coal"

5.  Katya Chorover - Winter
The Clearing  -
"there's frost on the window"

6. John McCutcheon - Waiting for Snow
Wintersongs -
"the longer I'm waiting the longer it takes"

7.  Kallet/Epstein/Cicone - Ready for the Storm
Angels in Daring
"Waves crash in and the tide pulls out"

8.  Richard Shindell - Waiting for the Storm
Somewhere Near Paterson -
"the state police said...I should not stay"

9. Marie-Lynn Hammond - Canadian Love
Impromptu -
Not able to feel a lover's hands thro many gloves

10. Trout Fishing - Alberta Postcard
Closer to the Turth -
"from my head down to my toes froze"

11. Bill Morrissey - Birches
Night Train -
"You hate a cold house same as me"

12. Michael McNevin - I'll Make Do
Sketch -
"the roads full of snow, the phones dead"

13.  Herdman, Hills, Mangsen - Waiting for Isabella
Voices -
"dark waters closing in"

14. James Mee - Snowy Night
Song from a Vermont Life
"out this window I sometimes stare...on a snowy night"

15. Willie Nininger - On A Winter's Night
Almost Home -
"For all we know, it may snow tonight"

Winter Weather advisory issued for 3 - 6 inches tonight. Cancellations announced. All the Green Party Court House gatherings in opposition of the Washington events were all still on.

16.  James Keelaghan - Glory Bound
My Skies -
"we found him in a ditch...50 below"

17.  Lori B. - Hurrica Child
Hurricane Child -
" born on the tailwinds of a hurricane"

18.  Brooks Williams - Stormy Weather
Back to Mercy
"we're in for some stormy weather"

19. Stan Rogers - White Squall
From Fresh Water -
"her lover's gone into a white squall"

20  John Smith - Pedal to the Metal
To The Four Directions -
"there's a tornado in that corn field, here it comes"

21. Kritina Olsen - Rainy Night in Chinatown
The Truth of a Woman
"drag my pant cuffs through the mud"

22. Karen Savoca - Rain on a Tin Roof
Here We Go -
"everywhere I go, everybody is complaining, I don't think it will ever stop raining"

23. Lynn Miles _ It's Hockey Night in Canada
Chalk This One Up To The Moon -
"they are clearing my street again"

24  James Gordon - Fields of Rock and Snow
Mining for Gold -
"all that you will ever grow is fields of rock and snow"

25  Richard Shindell - Money for Floods
Reunion Hill -
"the  water will never surrender the fields"

26  Les Sampou - Weather Vane
Fall From Grace -
"they can't leave home when the wind does blow"

27 Carrie Newcomer - Another Thunder
Visions and Dreams -
"thunder rolling like a wave"

28. Rod MacDonald - It's A Tough Life
Into The Blue -
"here in Florida...we watch the weather channel, see what's going on up north"

29.  John McCutcheon - Kid Who Hates Summer
 Summersongs -
"Can't wait til its freezing, and 50 below"

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