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"The definition of folk music runs as wide as the difference in space between a living room and a stadium. Each week, I explore the music and artists that I call FOLK" - Angela Page

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01/06/2001 Make a resolution to go see LIVE MUSIC in your area this year
01/13/2001 Civil Rights: blacks and gays.  Featuring Paul Mesughi's KDXH broadcast last year
01/20/2001 Bad weather songs
01/27/2001 Dancing songs
02/03/2001 "This is not my song" songs. Writers do tunes by other writers
02/10/2001 New CDs to Folk Plus
02/17/2001 Fund Raising. Support your hydro-powered public radio station with pennies a day. Call 845 482-4141. I listened myself, home with the flu.
02/24/2001 Parodies and Borrowed Tunes

03/03/2001 Highlights From the new Sing Out Folk Song Magazine 45-1
03/10/2001 Women and Domestic Violence
03/17/2001 Women and Humor
03/24/2001 Newly aquired releases of women artists
03/31/2001 Current and former performers of the WJFF Folk Benefits

04/07/2001 A Celestial Setlist
04/14/2001 Highlights of performers at area venues for the next two months
04/21/2001  MTBE Lawyer interview. Bashakill Wetlands. County Dumpsite.Area Youth Read.
04/28/2001 Newish releases and new to Folk Plus

05/05/2001 Songs about remembering those who have passed on
05/12/2001 Waking in the morning to a new day and the sounds of BIRDS
05/19/2001 Setlist on aging
05/26/2001 Songs about gigs, singing and making music

06/02/2001 Songs about rain
06/09/2001 Songs from the view of a child
06/16/2001 Songs about thinking and knowing
06/23/2001 Selections from the Sing Out! Summer 2001 issue
06/30/2001 New Stuff
07/07/2001 Songs about "names"
07/14/2001 Songs involving sex
07/21/2001 Fund Drive  People performing around here, around these few weeks
07/28/2001 Doubles - Two versions of the same tune

08/04/2001 Area performances for August and September
08/11/2001 Family Ties
08/18/2001 CDs by festivals, clubs and radio shows (pretaped)
08/24/2001 Review of Canadian Artists and Festivals

09/01/2001 More talent from Canadian Artists
09/08/2001 New Aquisitions and releases
09/15/2001 Post Terrorism Programming Comment From Seeger and Yarrow
09/22/2001 More Healing
09/29/2001 Reach out locally, think globally 

10/06/2001 A variety of old and new
10/13/2001 Hour One: KTOO Songs of hope aired 
Hour Two:  WDUQ "poetry sung, poetry said" - Lucinda & Miller Williams
10/20/2001 Nostalgia. Greenwich VIllage 2 decades ago. 
Promo JULIE GOLD/MICHAEL McNEVIN Folk Benefit tonight at Harmonie Hall!
10/27/2001 My 12 year old choses cuts from new releases

11/03/2001 Interactive Folk Show. Call in with comments on new cds.
11/10/2001 Sing Out Compilation and Fund Raiser While I attend A Folk Music Conference
11/17/2001 A glimpse at who gathered last weekend at the Folk Music Conference
11/24/2001 Color/Colour

12/01/2001 Gambling comes to the Catskills?   Hot Soup Live
12/08/2001 Gone but not forgotten: Songs by and about those who have passed on.
12/15/2001 War is God's Way of Teaching Americans Geography - Ambrose Bierce
12/22/2001 Mostly Christmas
12/29/2001 CD's I'm preparing to review
View Setlists for other years or back to Folk Plus or Angela's interviews 

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