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~ 2012-05-23 Trouble / Similies ~
Airing 5/12/2012 and 5/19/2012 on WJFF & WFTE
Airing 5/23/2012 on WIOX

Folk Plus Themes: Trouble & "Like" as Similie

  Saturday May 12  , 2012
May 23, , 2012 in its entirety on WIOX
and on Sirius The Village Liberation on July 19 & 21, 2012

This hour's theme: Trouble

Brother Sun [Wictor, Greenway, Jencks]        Trouble    4:16    Brother Sun -
Lucy Kaplansky        Somewhere Trouble Don't Go    3:31    Over The Hills
Gina Forsyth        Just Like Eddie    4:50    Promised Land- Waterbug
Holly Near        I Got Trouble    2:42    And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection [Disc 1]
Eggleston, Kat    Kat Eggleston    Trouble    3:26    Second Nature- Waterbug
Mindy Jostyn        Trouble I Don't Need    4:33    Cedar Lane - palmetto
Steve Goodman    Steve Goodman    Somebody Else's Troubles    3:45    Somebody Else's Troubles
Nanci Griffith    Nanci Griffith/Rick West    Trouble In The Fields    3:20    20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection - The Best Of Nanci Griffith
Nerissa & Katryna Nields        Leave That Trouble Alone    3:14    Sister Holler
Ellis        Trouble    2:00    Right On Time
Trout Fishing In America    Idlet/Grimwood    Big Trouble    2:55    Big Trouble - Trout Music
Red Molly        Troubled Mind    2:48    James
Cat Stevens    Cat Stevens    Trouble    2:47    Cat Stevens Classics - A&M
Susan Werner        Did Trouble Me    3:33    The Gospel Truth
Bruce Cockburn        The Trouble With Normal - Bruce Cockburn    3:18    Trouble with Normal - True North
Simon & Garfunkel    Paul Simon    Bridge Over Troubled Water    4:56    Bridge Over Troubled Water- Columbia

This hour's theme: Similie

May 19, 2012 WFTE 3 pm, WJFF 2 pm
May 23,  2012 [this hour and the hour above] on WIOX  10AM - NOON

Arlon Bennett        Just Like Them    4:02    Summer's Voice
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch        Just Like That    3:31    You Can't Save Everybody
Cosy Sheridan        Not Like You    3:30    Quietly Led - Waterbug
Susan Graham White        Just Like You    3:36    Sounding Land
Rob Lytle        Like You Do    3:05    You. Must. Stop- Heart and Hope Music
Susan Werner        Like Bonsai    4:08    Time Between Trains Bottom Line Rec
John Gorka    John Gorka    Like My Watch    1:34    I Know
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer        I Go Like The Raven    3:35    Drum Hat Buddha
We're About 9        Move Like Light    1:54    Engine
Kasey Chambers    Kasey Chambers    Cry Like A Baby    4:01    The Captain
Nancy White        Like an Old John Deere    2:27    Stickers On Fruit
The Capitol Steps        March Like An Egyptian    1:33    Desperate HouseMembers
Martin Sexton        Fall Like Rain    3:51    Fall Like Rain- kitchen table ec.
Hugh O'Doherty        A Lot Like Me (Have I Got a Guy for You)(normalized)    2:29   
C.Daniel Boling        An Awful Lot Like Me    4:00    LIVE From The Winter Folk Festival
Erik Balkey        Like Billy The Kid    2:20    While The Paint Dries -
Adam Cohen    Adam Cohen    Like A Man    3:30    Like A Man -
Serena Ryder        Blown Like The Wind At Night (Album Version)    3:43    Is It O.K-

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