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Theme: guns in the news, and a few folk artists lost recently

Kitty Donohoe        Kid with a Gun    3:28    Northern Border -
The Burns Sisters    Marie Burns    Johnny's Got A Gun    3:14    In This World
Deborah Holland        Kids With Guns    4:10    The Book of Survival - gadfly
The Arrogant Worms    Chris Patterson/Mike McCormick/Trevor Strong    Let There Be Guns    2:07    Gift Wrapped: The Best Of the Arrogant Worms
Cheryl Wheeler        Don't Forget The Guns    3:42    Driving Home
The Carrborators    Michael Goy    Boy With A Gun    4:12    Caffeinated Heart -
Christine Lavin        When Cary Grant Made#D8DD15    1:35    Recorded xmas day 2012 after webster violence
Dan Bern        Kid's Prayer    6:41
Paul Kamm & Eleanor MacDonald        Calling On Love    4:17    Calling On Love -  freewheel records
Cheryl Wheeler    Cheryl Wheeler    If It Were Up To Me    3:08    Sylvia Hotel

Some talk about FrankChristian who just passed away    1:40   

Recording of FrankChristian winning the Bob Dylan contest live at speak easy in the early 80's as Bob Dylan number 26    2:46   
Frank Christian         Where Were You Last Night?    4:19    Fast Folk (Disc 1)

Jon Fromer        Gonna Take Us All    3:52    Gonna Take Us All

Richard Meyer        One Rose (1992)    3:36    The Good Life - Shanachie

Frank Solivan And Dirty Kitchen*        Driftin' Apart    3:19    Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen

*Frank Solivan is playing January 27th 3 pm at the Cooperage in Honesdale PA

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