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Airing  on Saturday February 9, 2013 2pm & 3 pm
Airing  as hour two Wednesday February 13, 2012 on

THEME:  variety [good men, saint, shirts, and highway exits]

Dana And Susan Robinson    Dana Robinson    The Invitation    4:01    American Hornpipe -   
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer        Tillman Co.    3:26    Drum Hat Buddha   
Four Bitchin' Babes    Various    You Came In Last    2:49    Mid Life Vices- Hem and Haw Prod   
Naomi Sommers        Top of the Hill    4:46    Hypnotized    Country & Folk
Anne Feeney        Have You Been to Jail for Justice?    2:39    Have You Been to Jail for Justice?    Country & Folk
Seth Glier    Seth Glier    Good Man    3:49    Things I Should Let You Know - Mpress records    
Justin Rutledge        Be A Man    4:32    The Early Widows- Six Shooter   
Billy Marlowe        Salvation Railroad    3:53    Show Me The Steps-   
David Francey    David Francey    Saints And Sinners    2:47    Torn Screen Door    World
Garnet Rogers    Mary Chapin Carpenter    This Shirt (w.Doug Long)    3:37    Summer Lightning- snow goose   
Terry Rivel        Closet Full Of Tear-Stained Shirts    3:23    Broken People -    
Steve Chizmadia        That Old Shirt    3:01    Jack Of All Trades -    
Bruce Cockburn    Bruce Cockburn    Closer To The Light    4:11    Dart To The Heart - columbia   
Lucy Wainwright Roche        Statesville    2:45    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#2   
Chuck Brodsky        Creepsville    3:50    Radio    Pop
David Roth        One Day At The Gates    3:03    Think Twice - wind river   

David Roth will be at the Cooperage on main street Honesdale Feb 24th at 4 pm   Call 845 252 6783

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