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Airing  on Saturday March2, 2013
2pm & 3 pm

THEME:  Opposites

David Francey        Lucky Man    3:34    Far End Of Summer
Chad Mitchell Trio    Traditional    The Unfortunate Man    3:33    At the Bitter End - Folk Era

Lynn Miles        I Give Up    4:12    Lynn Miles 09 Black Flowers Volume 1 (canada)
Carey Creed        I'm Not Gonna Give Up    3:32    Small Braveries- azalea city recordings

Artisan    Brian Bedford    Not Now    2:10    Breathing Space
Lisa McCormick        Right Now    4:51    Right Now - Rising Records

Tannis Slimmon    Tannis Slimmon, Lewis Melville    Good News    3:51    In and Out of Harmony -
Andrew McKnight    Andrew McKnight    Bad News    3:21    Turning Pages- falling Mountain Music
Kate MacLeod        Talkin' About Good News    3:29    Constant Emotion- Waterbug

Shel Silverstein    Shel Silverstein    One Inch Tall    1:00    Where The Sidewalk Ends [Bonus Tracks]
Annie Lou    Anne Louise Genest    Cluny Is So Tall!    2:49    Grandma's Rules for Drinking

Danielle Miraglia    Danielle Miraglia    Loud Talker    3:29    Box of Troubles-
Bettysoo    Bettysoo    Whisper My Name    3:52    Heat Sin Water Skin -

        0023-AndyBreckman-HelloHelloHello    2:16   
The Wailin' Jennys        Last Goodbye    3:28    Bright Morning Stars- Red House

* WJFF only Live at 2 Sloan Wainwright        Archive page Sloan Wainwright    0:21   
Sloan Wainwright        I Stand Up    3:12    The Song Inside- Farkie Music
Gordon Lightfoot        Sit Down Young Stranger    3:27    If You Could Read My Mind-

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