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Gay marriage in the new

John Forster    In The Closet [gays in army]     3:06    Helium- Philo CD

John McCutcheon    Let's Keep It Straight    3:48    Signs of the Times- Rounder

Holly Near    Simply Love    2:49    And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection [Disc 1]-Calico Tracks

Zach Wahls Speaks About Family    3:01   

Pat Humphries    People Love    3:23    Hands

David Roth    Another Day At Moses Brown    7:24    Think Twice:[Disc 1]: Once-  wind river records

     Kayla Kearney    California HS senior comes out to her HS    6:06   

Steve Cohen    Steve Cohen    Silent Too Long    4:14    Silent Too Long - hurricane recording

     Obama    Obama Announces Gay Marriage Stand    2:05   

Nanci Griffith    Nanci Griffith    The Loving Kind    2:37    The Loving Kind - Rounder

       Ellen Degeneres with John McCain- Gay Marriage    2:58   

Charlie King & Karen Brandow    Roy Zimmerman    Defenders Of Marriage    2:52    ... On The Journey-

       Hillary Clinton On Gay Marriage Rights    0:48   

Pat Humphries    Face the Music    2:33    Same Rain

Mark Weigle         Do You Go    4:36    The Truth Is -

Jamie Anderson    A Family of Friends at 427-cut    4:21    Three Bridges

Terry Allard Reckless Abandon Music    Never Ceases To Amaze Me    5:02    Terry Allard -

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