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Eileen McGann    Eileen McGann    Leaving This Nation    6:09    Turn It Around
Chelsea Richardson/ Freddy Bradburn        Grace    3:54    Shining Alone - kira records
Eliza Gilkyson    Eliza Gilkyson    Vayan al Norte    6:00    Roses at the End of Time- Red House Records
Maria Dunn    Canadian clothing facotyr 93 yr history    Immigrant Dreams    3:46    Piece By Piece -
Brother Sun    Joe Jencks    Lady Of The Harbor    4:43    Some Part Of The Truth - brothersonmusic
Si Kahn    Si Kahn    Lady of the Harbor    5:18    In My Heart: A Retrospective - Philo '94
Joe crookston 36        ID Joe Crookston FPID 6 s    0:07    Live at Kutshers
Joe Crookston        Blue Tattoo    4:35    Able Baker Charlie & Dog- maligrito records
Debbie Diedrich    Debbie Diedrich    Auf Wiedersehen/Hamburg    7:19    Ninety Miles Out
Dan McKinnon    Dan McKinnon    Kith & Kin    4:43    Fields Of Dreams And Glory -
Mara Levine    Bob Wright    Immigrant Dream    3:53    Jewels and Harmony -
John McCutcheon    John McCutcheon    Immigrant    5:27    Supper's on the Table. . Everybody come in.

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