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THEME -  Now and Then

Folk Plus was hosted this week by Kathy Geary who hosts the show which airs right before Folk Plus called Now and Then.
Today's theme was new releases by folk artists preceded by earlier works.

Laura Smith has released her most recent cd after a 15 year hiatus! She was born and raised in London Ontario, loving horses,
theatre and poetry.  She's won writing awards nd been nominated for Canada's famous Juno award twice.  Remarkably she learned only in 1999 thatshe had 6 brothers and sisters,
to whom she  dedicated this moment recent cd.

Laura Smith        No Call for Mercy    3:45    B'tween the Earth and My Soul Cornermuse Recordings

Laura Smith        I Built A Boat    2:43    Everything Is Moving - borealis

For many years FOlk Plus had a promo "cart" [they were carts in the first years at WJFF] with this Lynn Miles song from a 1996 cd in the background
Lynn Miles Promo For FP    0:39   

Lynn Miles        It's Gone    3:35    Chalk This One Up To The Moon

Here is Lynn's most recent release

Lynn Miles    Lynn Miles    How To Be Alone    3:47    Downpour -

Deborah Holland left her teaching career in California to move to Vancouver for the sake of her son. Her latest release documents that. 
Here she sings from 1999 about some leaders no longer with us.

Deborah Holland        Pinochet And Margaret Thatcher    2:02    The Book of Survival - gadfly

Deborah Holland        That Ain't Love    3:32    Vancouver - raeonrecords

Buddy Mondlock has had his songs covered by Peter Paul and Mary, Janis Ian,  David Wilcox and many more.
Here he sings his own work from 1995, followed by a cut from his most recent release.

Buddy Mondlock        Break The Cup    3:08    Buddy Mondlock

Buddy Mondlock        What Do I Know    3:06    The Memory

Erik Balkey penned a song about the late Dave Carter here called God's Poet Now, but more recently he has become a duo,
under the name of upper Ponies, with Annie Donahue.
Erik Balkey        God's Poet Now    3:24    While The Paint Dries -
The Copper Ponies [Erik Balkey, Annie Donahue]        Ring Them Bells    [by dylan] 3:19    Ring Them Bells

Si Kahn has ALWAYS written political songs. He was in our studios at WJFF a few years ago on a tour. Here he sings about women's rights from 1994
[referring to a senator  from Mississippi. [If you are interested catch the Mike Wallace interview of James Eastland at   ]

Following that is Si's most recent release, where he is protecting the salmon of Bristol Bay. Not just in song, Si has gone and organized to save Alaska's Bristol Bay.
 49% of the world's remaining wild sockeye salmon comes from Bristol Bay.

Si Kahn    Si Kahn    The Senator    2:20    In My Heart: A Retrospective - Philo '94
Senator" which was at least partially influenced by a Senator from Mississippi" says Si               
Si Kahn        Pebble Mine    2:21    Bristol Bay - striclty country records

Tret Fure [pronounced FURY] has played for over four decades. She's a solid guitarist. These cuts, though from the
same cd range from being written in 1984 and 2013.

Tret Fure    Tret Fure    That Side of the Moon    3:09    A Piece of the Sky -
Tret Fure    Tret Fure    The Heart and Back Again    4:09    A Piece of the Sky -

These three powerhouse women from Ithaca sing from 1997 on Rounder and 2012.

The Burns Sisters    Jeannie Burns, Marie Burns    No More Silence    2:15    In This World
The Burns Sisters        Tell The Truth    4:26    The Hills Of Ithaca

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