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July 27, 2013
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THEME - Civil War
Liberty is holding a civil war reinactment this weekend. Participants say that Liberty's Walnut Mountain is one of the most authentic areas to stage these.
Participants wearing garb from both sides of the war show up at this time yearly. This year, of course, marks the 150th year from the war's start.

Cutter        Fields Of Gettysburg    5:03    Sail Away - skookumchuck Music   
Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders    Andrew McKnight    Intro to The Road to Appomattox    0:37    One Virginia Night- ANDREWMCKNIGHT.NET   
Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders    Andrew McKnight    The Road to Appomattox    4:39    One Virginia Night- ANDREWMCKNIGHT.NET   
Hazel Dickens        Two Soldiers    2:57    Hazel & Alice - rounder   
Ben Bedford        Twenty One    4:23    Land Of The Shadows   
Carol Ponder & John Knowles        Going Across The Mountain/Hickman Boys    5:09    Going Across The Mountain - Cove Struck Music   
Tracy Grammer        Laughlin Boy    4:26    Flower Of Avalon- signature songs   
GIbson & Camp    A Camp/Silverstein/Gordon/Gibson    Civil War Trilogy    4:39    At the Gate of Horn...Revisited    Country & Folk
Tom Paxton, Anne Hills & Bob Gibson        Let The Band Play Dixie    4:24    Best Of Friends- Appleseed   
Sam Baker        Dixie    0:45    Cotton    Country & Folk
Richard Shindell        Reunion Hill    5:09    13 Songs You May or May Not Have Heard Before- amalgamated balladry   
Joan Baez    J. Robertson    The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down    3:24    Flower Power: Time Of The Season [Disc 1]    Rock
Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band    Steve Earle    Dixieland    2:56    The Mountain- E squared   
Molly Mason & Jay Ungar        Marching Through Georgia    3:47    Civil War Classics    Country & Folk
Carol Ponder & John Knowles        Taps    1:00    Going Across The Mountain - Cove Struck Music   

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