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Airing  on Saturday September 14, 2013

Folk Plus for Saturday September 14, 2013
Peace, and reflections on 911

Lucy Kaplansky        Land Of The Living    4:04    The Red Thread- red house
Acoustic Blender    Kenneth H. Moore, Arr. Hope Wesley Harrison    Live Peace!    1:43    Crazy Whirled -
Beth Ferguson        What Is Mine    4:34    Dance On The Earth -
Kitty Donohoe        There are No Words    4:45    single
Utah Phillips        How To Live In Peace    1:04    I've Got To Know- AK Press Daemon Records
Letter to new york times 9/11        Benjamin Bratt reads Orlando and Phyllis Rodriguez    2:30   
John McCutcheon        Not In My Name    4:36    Greatest Story Never Told- red House
David Rovics        Who Would Jesus Bomb?    3:55    Behind The Barricades - The Best Of David Rovics- AK PRess/Daemon Rec.
The Angels        Hope Is On The Way    3:58    Bless My Sole
Roy Zimmerman    Roy Zimmerman & Melanie Harby    Hope, Struggle & Change    4:30    You're Getting Sleepy- metaphor rec
John Flynn        Hope Sleeps    3:35    Dragon- MettaFour Rec.
Stan Rogers        The Mary Ellen Carter    5:26    Between the Breaks…Live! (Remastered)-borealis
        MaryEllenCarterStoryWAV    1:40   
Ariel Rogers        Ariels Label    1:36    Album
Emma's Revolution        Peace, Salaam, Shalom    2:16    One X 1,000,000 = Change- Big W Productions
Tom Paxton    Tom Paxton    Peace Will Come    2:18    Very Best of Tom Paxton- flying fish
Steve Martin    Steve Martin    Banana Banjo    2:15    The Crow New Songs for the 5-String Banjo
Eliza Gilkyson    Eliza Gilkyson    Peace Call    3:54    Land Of Milk AndHoney- Red House

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