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~ June 14, 2014  ~

Folk in the news

Folk Reflects the News

Children pouring over border from Mexico, and talk that immigration reform may be squashed now Cantor is out
Acoustic Blender    Clarita    3:56    Crazy Whirled -   
1980s group called Sanctuary guided refugees over borders.  Part  in  Spanish. Young girl & dad on midnight border run.
Tom Juravich    Immigrants Like Me    5:25    Altar Of The Bottom Line - Finnegan Music
John McCutcheon    Nothing Like You    5:46    22 Days -

74th school shooting since Newton   
Roy Zimmerman    Singalong Second Amendment    5:01    Real American   
Deborah Holland    Kids With Guns    4:10    The Book of Survival - gadfly   
Kitty Donohoe    Kid with a Gun    3:28    Northern Border -   
Tom Paxton    Johnny Got a Gun ['94]    2:49    Wearing The Time   

David Brat defeats Eric Cantor and proclaims the need for Christianity and capitalism
Susan Werner    (Why Is Your) Heaven So Small    3:28    The Gospel Truth   
Uncle Bonsai    Half of the People    1:56    The Grim Parade   

Last survivor of Mann Gulch fire Robert Sallee dies. He was 82.
The Spokane Valley resident was a 17-year-old smokejumper during the Montana fire, when 13 others died.
The deaths led to reforms in wildland firefighting and safety training. The story was memorialized in Norman Maclean’s best-selling book, “Young Men and Fire.” and the following song by James Keelaghan covered by many.

James Keelaghan - Cold Missouri Waters - First 25 years - Borealis

Walmart truck kills comedian and severely wounds others.  Truckers have to rest 3 hours in every 14 of driving time, and authorities are looking into what role sleep deprivation may have played:
Richard Shindell    The Kenworth Of My Dreams    3:44    Sparrows Point - shanachie   
Lynne Hanson    How Little I Sleep    2:18    Eleven Months -    restless heart, my ship could come in

2 1/2 years after we train Iraqui soldiers many abandon their weapons to ISIS who now rule Mosel

Naomi Sommers    Come Home    3:37    Hypnotized   
Steve Einhorn & Kate Power    Travis John    3:23    Pearls: The Tribute Collection-    Travis John Bradach- Nall killed by land mine in Iraq on July 2, 2003

Acoustic Eidolon    Eleanor Rigby -  music under announcements   
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