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~ July 12, 2014  ~

The Waymores[Barris, Kimmel, Don Henry        Radio Intro        0:10    The Waymores - Waymores Rec.
Judy Collins    Joni Mitchell    Chelsea Morning (Single Version)        3:21    The Very Best Of Judy Collins - Elektra
Merrilee Rush    Various    Angel of The Morning        3:11    Flower Power: Age of Aquarius [Disc 1]
Amy Soucy and Sharon Goldman        Cool Morning        3:38   

Garnet Rogers        Beauty Game        3:26    Summer Lightening - Snow Goose
Lynne Hanson    Hanson, Lynne/Lynne Hanson    Eleven Months        3:27    Eleven Months -

Jarrod Dickenson        Come What May        3:23    The Lonesome Traveler **MASTERS**
Betty & The Baby Boomers[Betty, Jean, Paul, Steve]    Phil Ochs    No More Songs        2:04    Tumbling Through The Stream Of Days - [from clinton corners NY]
Phil Ochs        Jim Dean Of Indiana        5:02    Greatest Hits

Al Kniola WVPE 88.1 intro for Wilcox        Intro to Wilcox Rusty old american dream pick        0:14    Folk DJ pick
David Wilcox      Rusty Old American Dream        2:38    How Did You Find Me Here

Nanci Griffith      The Loving Kind        2:37    The Loving Kind - Rounder

Richard [white man] and Mildred [black woman] Loving, were married June 1958 despite breaking the "cohabiting as man and wife, against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth" .
The  Loving case began the landmark civil rights decision invalidating laws prohibiting interracial marriage.  After all, marrying who you love is what 'loving' is all about

Peggy Seeger        Call Me Black (spoken word)        1:18    Live - Appleseed
Nathan Bell        Really Truly [gay rights, "big ass" wording]        3:32    Blood Like A River (American Family)

Marc is appearing locally tonight
Marc Black        Ooh I Love My Coffee        3:14    Tribes Hill: We're All Here

Vicky Harris        Sisters        3:33    Touch - locustStmusic       
Lew London        Sooner or Later        2:21    Swingtime in Springtime - EM Records remastered    Jazz    2/26/13 11:10 AM    2/26/13 11:11 AM            django

Seth will be a featured Falcon Ridge act this year
Seth Glier    Seth Glier    The Next Right Thing        1:54    The Next Right Thing           
Maxim Cormier        Tunes with Dad (Featuring Gervais Cormier)        4:52    Maxim Cormier               

Open mic's in the area:

Singer Songwriter Tuesdays happens at the Rosendale Cafe in Rosendale NY
Antoine runs a Thursday night open mike at the Dancing Cat in Bethel, NY near the Woodstock Site
Kevin McDaniel runs an open mike at Frankie and Johnnies, 845 434 8051 in Hurleyville, NY 7 - 10 pm
Cafe Devine in Callicoon, NY runs an open mike every 4th friday
Tuesdays in Mongaup Valley at River's Edge there is an open mike

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send local artist appearances to FOLKPLUS at g mail dot com

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