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~November 1, 2014  ~

Music reflects the news

Joel Mabus        You Voted Red        2:01    No Worries Now - fossil
Andras Jones        Hold Your Nose and Vote        4:55    A Curmudgeon For All Seasons
Chuck Brodsky        He Came To Our Town        3:41    Two Sets
Roy Zimmerman    Roy Zimmerman & Melanie Harby    Vote Republican        3:44    You're Getting Sleepy- metaphor rec

Mike Agranoff    Lyrics By Mike Agranoff, Music By Richard Rodgers    My Favorite Diseases        2:35    Ain't Never Been Plugged - 2007
Rebel Voices    Words: Paul McKenna; Music: John Phillip Sousa    Hospital Workers        2:00    Warning Women At Work

Deborah Holland        Kids With Guns        4:10    The Book of Survival - gadfly

David Roth        Thank You Mr. Ryan        4:45    Digging Through My Closet

C. Daniel Boling    A/S.E.N.S.    Nobody's Business        3:13    Sleeping Dogs
Musician arrested for singing in subway.        7:57   
Joel Rafael    Jack Tempchin    Singing in the streets        3:44    America Come Home- Inside recordings
Glen Campbell - I'm Not Gonna Miss You        2:56   

Charlie King & Karen Brandow    A/S.E.N.S./S.E.N.S.    If You Want Peace        3:14    So Far So Good - Disc 1 - vaguely reminiscent sounds

Artisan    Brian Bedford    Hammer Ghost        4:18    Breathing Space
Stanley Holloway        With her head tucked underneath her arm - Stanley Holloway        4:42   

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Cafe Devine in Callicoon, NY runs an open mike every 4th friday
Tuesdays in Mongaup Valley at River's Edge there is an open mike

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