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The Daily News  Wednesday, September 23, 1981:
          by Ernest Leogrande

                                        "Easy Sounds"

             Speak Easy is a new club at 107 Macdougal St. in Greenwich Village.  It was called Speak Easy when is was being run as a small disco.  A group of musicians, banded together as a cooperative, thought is was a good location and the right name for their acoustic sound.  "What, you don't want to use the overhead glitter ball?"  the owner asked them.
"No", said Angela Page, the cooperative's coordinator, putting the disco ball into a storage room.  Speak Easy (598-9670) has a comfortable ambience and there is music nightly, a show case Mondays through Thursdays, featured acts Fridays and Saturdays.  This week it's Lucy Kaplanski and duo Willie and Annie Nininger.

Photo by A. Page
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