...so starts the article from the New York Post  Friday, February 5, 1982
        by Ira Mayer
Speak Easy (107 MacDougal St; 598-9670) is perhaps the most unique of the new clubs.  For one, it's situated behind a falafel stand.  For two, it's run as a songwriters' cooperative.  For three, there are running fish tanks flanking the stage.  For four, the name doesn't really have anything to do with prohibition (liquor is served)--and the music, rather than the jazz that might be expected, is acoustic folk.
            This weekend's bill is almost as unusual as the club itself.  Musical humorists Christine Lavin and Andy Breckman will be competing for the biggest laughs --and, no doubt, leaving people rolling on their banquettes--with Joey George adding a touch of blues.  Sets begin around 9:30 and admission runs around $2.
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