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Old Interviews and Conversations: 1997 - 2004

October 1997

October 27
Phone in interview with Susan Werner

October 1998

Phone interview with Christine Lavin

Taped interview with  Ellis Paul

Live interview with Patty Larkin

November 1998

Live interview with Paul Schatzkin of Songs.Com at the North East Folk Alliance.

January 1999

Interview with John Forster.Recorded on January 16 but prempted by Impeachment Trail

February 1999

Interview with Rod MacDonald.Recorded on January1st on the streets of Lake Worth, Florida at a gig.

May 1999

Interview, "Then and Now"  with Cliff Eberhardt. Recorded on April 17 at the Rosendale Cafe

September 1999

Interview, "Second Hand Stories"  with John Gorka. Recorded on September 17 at Bodles Opera House

October 1999

Interview with Vance Gilbert and Ellis Paul. Recorded on October 17 at The Mansion House.

Interview with Rod MacDonald. Recorded on live in the WJFF studios.

Interview with Pierce Pettis at Bodles Opera House Oct. 22

November 1999

Interview with James Gordon live in the WJFF studio

Interview with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer  at NEFA

December 1999

Interview with Darryl Purpose live at WJFF

Interview with David Roth at the Mansion House, November 21, 1999 

February 2000

Interview with Buddy Mondlock from Bodles Opera House January 16, 2000

Interview with Artisan, recorded at the Warehouse III in Liberty

March 2000

Telephone interview with Mark Moss, editor of Sing Out!

Interview with native Gaelic speaker and Irish Historian, Joe Bray.

April 2000

Interview with Stephen Fearing recorded April 9 at Bodles Opera House

May 2000

Interview with Mark Weigle recorded April 20th, 2000, Liberty, NY

June 2000

The People's Music Network with Pete Seeger and Charlie King at 's Summer Gathering along with related topics

Interview with Julie Gold recorded on Mother's Day, 2000

July 2000

Interview with Kate Macleod and Kat Eggleston  recorded live on-air at WJFF, July 1, 2000

September 2001

Comments of Peter Yarrow following the terrist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon 09/11/01

February 2002
Sloan Wainwright plays live to promote her show next week in the area, and her new release The Song Inside

August 2002

Grass Roots Radio Conference: Amy Goodman and Dee Dee Halleck and Free Speech Radio

October 2002

James Keelaghan at Bodles Opera House, see the set list James chose for Folk Plus, October 26

November 2002

Interviews from the North East Folk Alliance: Aengus Finnan, All About Buford, Zoe Lewis, Rod MacDonald

November 2003

Folk Alliance 2003: Buddy Mondlock, David Olney, Full Frontal Folk, Haines and Leighton

January 2004


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