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Taking advantage of the hundreds of talented musicians gathering locally for the annual North East Regional Folk Alliance,  four acts came in today to be on Folk Plus. Read all the NERFA 2002 Interviews Angela conducted

Aengus Finnan All About Buford Zoe Lewis Rod MacDonald

Part Two:  All About Buford & Callers from Kutshers

Up next. All About Buford, a fun energetic foursome. Here they are to introduce themselves by way of song form their cd supercar.

All About Buford - Supercar
Supercar -
A: That was All About Buford with their title cut Supercar. In the studio here at WJFF we have Taunia, Amy, Adeel and Shah, welcome.

Shah: Can you hear me now?

Angela: Where did you guys meet? Berklee?

Taunia: Shah was at Berklee. And I went part time.

Angela: So you two met and started this off?

Taunia: We all sort of came know each, who knew each day we decided to try this out and it clicked

Shad: And two and a half years it now?

Adeel: yeah, just about, yeah.

Angela: It s just such an exciting sound that you guys come up with. I feel like jumping in there or dancing

Taunia: Feel free, Get your groove on!

Angela: Well, I can just see your crowd dancing or wanting to find a part in there, or shake keys maybe.

Shah: We do like that

Taunia: People do dance to us which is great.

Angela: I'd love for you to just start. So take it away, we'd love to hear something live.....

All About Buford Live:  Shackles Take One (we have a laugh and another chance to set levels when Amy forgets the words) Shackles Take Two

All About Buford, all right. I want you guys to take me from the concept of that song to that end product. Do you just sit around and start making those noises or do you say "This is a song I want to do, and I'm taking the lead" and just come in.

Taunia: It's generally trial and error if we have a song we like we play around with it and see what works best and whose e best on the lead. Shah is actually not a bass but he takes bass a lot. he does a great job.

Shah: Why thank you

Taunia: it sort of happens by trial and error.

(a few mike changes) Angela: I'm wondering what is the reaction when you pay places. Do people want to sing along?

Taunia: Actually people do come up and say I just want to sing with you you're right. I've not thought about it, until this minute.

Amy: A lot of people borrow Adeel. He goes out on loan a lot.

Shah: Adeel is amazing with the vocal percussion he has going

Angela: Yeah. You guys listening think all sorts is happening here, but its just four people and their mouths going on here. It's pretty neat. What are you doing Adeel. You have about six noises you're rotating there.

Adeel: Yeah, its kind of trying to simulate a drum kit. There's a whole organic thing going on.  The nice thing about the voice is, you can make your own combination of drum and human sound. Its very flexible.

Angela:  But you don't just wake up as a kid one day...I think I'm going to simulate a drum kit. How does it develop? Why start? When?

Adeel: Actually it sort of is like that. The biggest influence on my was probably Bobby McFarren. He does a lot with his voice as well as drums. He opened that up to a lot of people, including myself. He made us realize what was possible with the human voice. It's a lot cheaper than buying a drum kit, going in your room and practicing, so, that's what I tried to do. I was always interested in drums.  I figured it would be a lot more portable and cheaper to do that.

Taunia: Also you have rap experience, hip hop and rap. Word out..

Shah: Street cred..

Angela: These guys are on the web at Can you give us another rendition of something.

All About Buford: Summertime

Angela: Well for being an audio group, I think it's interesting that you all have movie picks on your web site.

Amy: I wanted to add interest to our web site. Im actually the designer for the web site.

Angela: Its good. (phone ringing)

Amy: Oh thanks. You can see our movie picks, our bios,  you can find out who Buford is, send u e-mail and see us with famous people.

Angela: That phone call is from our WJFF webmaster John Webber who is at the Folk Alliance with his cell phone.

Adeel: We thought it was fans calling in.
Amy and Taunia of All About Buford, on stage in the Star Dust Room at Kutshers, 
Monticello N.Y.
November 15, 2002

Angela: It might be.                 Morgan (taking calls) Bill Hahn is on line one.

Angela: Great we have djs calling in, how cool.  On the phone now is  Bill Hahn of WFDU of Fairleigh Dickinson University calls in with details from the North East Folk Alliance. Are you there bill?

Bill Hahn: "Angela! Hello. You missed the boss darling for lunch. We just had lunch with Tom Paxton and our buddy Jule...Julie Gold." Its a great conference and I hope your show is going well today.

Angela: So Bill? Who could please tell listeners what they could expect tonight if they come on over to Kutshers tonight?

Bill Hahn: Of course, hold on a second...glasses on... tonight Beyond the Pale, a bluegrass Klezmer group as I understand, Grit Laskin, Debra Cowan, Short Sisters, Full Frontal Folk...and others.

Angela: BIll, what workshop are you heading to now?

Bill: I'm going to one about Words you can't use on the radio. Oscar Brand and Gene Shay will be moderating that one.

Angela: And what are those words BIll? (kidding)

Bill : Gene Shay will be moderating that one. And then I'll head to Julie Gold for a lesson on songwriting, maybe a new career for me. I have Eve Goldberg here, from Toronto Canada. Bye now.

Angela: Hi Eve                           Eve: Hey Angela. How ya doing?

Angela: Eve, from Sweet Patotie music, down from Canada. Welcome to Folk Plus.

Eve: I'm really excited to be on your show, I've admired your show from afar.

Angela: I do post on the folk dj list, but since we are not yet streaming we can't be heard live.

Eve: You'll have to get up with that.

Angela: Any exciting tidbits about the conference you can share?

Eve: I went to a really great workshop with Paul Reisler of Trapezoid, who talked about melody writing. He was very articulate, a great teacher who knows a lot about music and life.

Angela: Yeah, I spent a week doing that with him in North Carolina at Swanannoa, an interesting guy.

Eve: Yeah. Saw some great music last night. Joel Mabus, and Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer two of my most favorite musicians of all time. There have been fabulous stuff going on...Rod MacDonald.

Angela: Rod is on his way, he should be here shortly.

Eve: Oh , is that right?             Angela: I hope you are liking Kutshers, I'd love to have it here next year.

Eve: Oh! It's like stepping back into borsch belt. Its amazing. Im going to pass you over to Mark Corso standing by.

Angela: We're going to listen to Mark, he is the dj from

Mark: New Brunswick, New Jersey. We djs have to stick together. Did you get the station id yet?

Angela; Go ahead, give our station ID, do you know it?

Mark: This is Wfff from Jeffersonville, New York

Angela: WJFF, 90.5 and 94.5 in Monticello New York

Mark: And you're here every Saturday from 11 to 1.

Angela: So who are the great fans you have heard that you will take back for people in New Jersey to listen to?

Mark: Well, I'm a great singer songwriter fan. I'm just in love with we're about 9.

Angela: I like them too.

Mark: I think what singer songwriters are doing today is marvelous and it has to be put out there. My show is mostly singer songwriter. They really excite me the way they put words together. Its amazing isn't it? With all the words out there, people are still coming up with fresh and unique ideas.

Angela: And only what, 7 or 8 notes to the scale, how do they do that, something new all the time?

Mark: They are the philosophers of today. Keep up the good work Angela.

Angela: Thanks for checking in with us              Mark: Great to hear you, fine.

Angela: Ok! People checking in here live from the Folk Alliance. Currently we have in the studio, All about Buford. Take it away, whatever you'd like to do.

Supercar - How Deep is your love

Angela: Your sound is just so much fun! Thanks. It was so great of you guys to come. Are you rushing back to a workshop too?

Amy: There is a booking one I want to go to, because I do all our booking unfortunately. I would love for someone else to do it, but I do it. That's the way it is for a bunch of musicians, so I think that is what Ill go to.

Angela: Its tough wearing your own hat. Agent, publicist, Im seeing all these people tacking up their own name and picture.

Taunia: Who is going to believe you when you say...We're great!

Angela: Cuz you're we. Yeah.

Shah: Amy does wear many hats.

Angela: You want to go out with some short thing? Or you wanna get back? I know you paid to be at the conference and we've grabbed you here. Again, if you want to look them up on the web, they are

All About Buford Live:  Nowhere and Everywhere

Angela: Check em out on the web. Multi talented group here. Thanks for making the time to come out.

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