Interview with Julie Gold
Following an interview with Bill Hahn WFDU, I sat by the Hackensack river and spoke with Julie Gold.  We began by Route 4 but it was too noisy with the cars.  So we moved to a grassy area by the Hackensack River, not realizing that motor boats and  geese would become as loud as the cars, we began the interview. 
 Walking towards the river she shared  a Cheryl Wheeler story of Cheryl first singing "75 septembers" to her father.  The moment was beautiful and everyone was duly moved by the song.  Later Cheryl asked her dad how he liked it.  He did.  He just had one question.  "75 cent what?"

Julie Gold: Seventy Five cent what?
                (Lots of laughter)
Angela:  All right we are in New Jersey, talking with Julie Gold. Welcome to Folk Plus.

Julie:  Hi. Thank you so much.

Angela:  This is preliminary..I'm hoping to get you live here in a few weeks. You have a brand new release and I'd love for you to introduce, yourself, one of the tunes.

Julie:  Well which tune would you like me to do?

Angela:  Well just in there now with Bill Hahn (WFDU interveiw) you were speaking aobut meeting Paul McCartney
He was somebody who moved a lot of people.  Go on and explain what you said to Bill in there.

Julie Gold:  In September of this year, Nancy Griffith ivited me to attend this party to honor Buddy Holly. Nacy played with the crickets.  She called me up and said (imitating her) "Julie, I know you are not a fan of big parties and crowds and what not, but there  a rumour that Paul McCartney and I know how much that would mean to ya'll, so get back to me real quick." So we went, and sure enough....Oh here comes a bunch of honking geese!  The geese in New Jersey have such nerve.(yelling). "Don't honk on Sundays! Don't honk on Sundays!"

Angela:  So back to Paul.

Julie: Yes.  So I had the beautiful opportunity of meeting him and it was a life changing experience.  I litteraly cried for three days at just the thought of having met the mind and  heart behind "Hey Jude" "Long and Winding Road" "Fool on the Hill" "Eleanore Rigby"!  I looked into his eyes and I couldn't believe I was actually talking to him. I hugged him.

Angela:  And I see you have "Letter to Paul" cut nine. I'd love to play it, want to introduce it?

Julie: Yeah, you know when Linda McCartney died,  I so vividly remember when they got married and all the coverage and all the crying broken hearted girls that finally lost their Paul.  I read this article about Paul saying that he couldn't stop crying after the death of Linda. It was such a horrible realization to learn that the man who had broken the most hearts in my lifetime was now himself broken-hearted.  I just was compelled to write this song.

Angela: Sounds like you caught a great idea, lets hear Letter to Paul, this is Julie Gold.

    Julie Gold  " Letter to Paul"

Angela:  Great that was Letter to Paul from Julie Gold's new release called Try Love and you can get it from Gadfly records 1 888 9Gadfly. Christine Lavin, is one of your buddies. Ilene Weiss is one of your buddies. I see that Ilene did the drawing on your CD cover, want to chat about Ilene?  I think she is great too.

Julie:  Yes I'd love to. Ilene Weiss and I went to Girls High together.  We didn't know each other, we were a grade apart and I won't say who was older, but which one has the dish pan hands, remember that commercial? (We all laugh)

Angela: Do the jingle for us.

Julie:  I don't know if there is a jingle for "who has the dishpan hands"

Angela: She is a jingle expert. (Having met all of Bill Hahn's challenges on the air the hour before)

Julie:  I can't believe I got that "Pep Boys" one,(referring to the WFDU interview) that was off the top of my head really!  Thank God it was one I knew! Anyway we went to Girls High together.  I've been in New York City now for 22 years.  She and I finally met.  She was  renouned and revered at Folk City but I hadn't met her until I moved to New York. We became very close friends and have been for that many years.  She did my album cover for my last record called Dream Loud and she did it for this record called Try Love.

Angela:  If I were to play an Ilene Weiss tune would you recommend one?

Julie:  I would recommend many, but I think my favorite is "Waiting for an answer to come"

Angela:  Let's go to that right now.  Ilene Weiss and Waiting for an answer to come, to come, come.

    Ilene Weiss       Waiting for An Answer to Come
Julie: (singing)  "Today's Chevorlet"

Angela:  That was Ilene Wiess we just heard, but now we are talking about Cliff Eberhard.

Julie:  I love Cliff, I call him Cleeeef.

Angela:  I heard you call him Cliffard in there (WFDU)

Julie:  Oh, I do call him Cliffard sometimes, that just slips out. I don't know.

Angela:  That just makes me think about that big red dog.

Julie:  I don't know who that is.

Angela:  The big red dog?  I guess its the children's librarian in me.  Oh you have a book! Tell me about that.  Somebody did a book of your tune.

Julie:  Its just an illustrated lyric of From a Distance.  Here comes those geese again.  No honking on Sundays!

Angela:  The geese, and the motor boat!

Julie:  (singing) The geese and the boat and the shoe..

Angela:  I'll cut this part.

Julie:  No leave it it's funny. An artist in England by the name of Jane Rey who is a world renouned illustrator, loved the song From A Distance, and illustrated it.  Thats it.  It's Dutton books, orchard books in England and it came out in French and German.  Its very special thing.  Believe it or not my name on the cover as the author! I could join the author's guild if I wanted. For one song!

Angela:  Well sure you are the author. The words in there are yours.

Julie:  It's a song, you know. I don't claim to be John Grisham. "Out of the way! Step aside Grisham!"

Angela:  Everybody knows your tune. So what's that like?  To say "Havn't you heard Bette Midler do that?  I wrote "From A Distance."

Julie:  It's a great entree line.  It truly is.  Most people look at me with great schepticism and loathing for some reason.  When they ask what I do, I say Im a songwriter.  That only peeks their scheptacism and loathing.  Then they say

Angela and Julie together:  "Anything I might know?".

Julie:  And, I always say "Well do you know From a Distance"  The whole thing changes, like they'd give me the money out of their pockets practically. I don't know why. Its a specail thing.  Everybody wants to be nice to me, when they hear I wrote that song.  It's a blessing.  They should have been nice to me to begin with. Right?

Angela:  Who does a spanish version? Nancy?

Julie:  Well, Nancy, was the orchestrator if you will of a wonderful rendition that went out on the Atlanta Olympics record called "One Voice".  There were three records for the Atlanta Olympics, one jazz, one was classical and one was sort of quazi come the geese honking. No honking on Sundays!! Anyway, Nancy Griffith arranged this incredible multilingual version. The boat again! He is chasing the geese!

Angela:  We were out by the road and some tech type person said it is too noisy there, and said that we should go by the water, where it will be quiet. Where you'll only hear geese honking in the distance.

Julie:  Honking in the distance. It's like buicks everywhere! Buicks! What is this a buick dealership.

Angela:  This is the Hackensack River, the lovely and quiet Hackensack River.  But back to being a big star and "From A Distance."

Julie:  Yes. Theres a great version of "From A Distance" that was used in the Atlanta Olympics featuring Nancy Griffith, Donna Summer and Raul Maulo of the Mavericks.  Its French, English German and Spanish.

Angela:  I want to air that.

Julie: I only have the where with all to send the cd and pray you send it back to me.I don't know if you could ever find that cd anywhere.  Its such a great version and its multilingual. It's one of the best versions.

     Nancy Griffith, Donna Summer, Raul Maulo  (Julie Gold's) From A Distance

Angela:  So we are catching you here when you are on your way to have diner with Cliffy...

Julie: Yeah, and with Christine Lavin.  We are going to see Cliffy.  He is an old friend of mine, I love him.  We did the same bar circuit way back when. I actually met him when he was a cab driver, a struggling singer-songwriter cab driver. One of my greatest memories was, after I had a big gig somewhere, a deadly gig, a disrespectful, smoking, drinking, chairs flying through the air gig, he took me in his cab and took me back to the place where the cabs sleep at night, that now is gone. It was used in Taxi, the TV show, its now a condominium in Greenwhich Village, but we sat on the hood of his car ion this car lot and he played for me.

Angela:   What tune did he play?

Julie:  I don't remember that, it was 20 years ago! Probably "Your Face", he probably had that then. Let me think what else he would have had. "White Lightening" might have been that old.  I love that song. But I
I think my favorite Cliff Eberhardt song is a sort of Beatlesy pop song called  " Ever Since I lost your love"

Angela:  Let's hear that.  Cliffy  Cliff Eberhardt and Ever Since I Lost Your Love.

    Cliff Eberhardt   Ever Since I Lost Your Love.

Angela: Cliff Eberhardt.  A real sweatheart.

Julie:  We love Cliff.  We love our Cliff.  Cleeeeeef!

Angela:  I heard you say in there that a lot of the great contacts that you've made over time have been through Christine Lavin. She is always out there working for the next great folk act.

Julie:  Totally selfless.  She wants to spread the music, spread the word. It's like gospel for her. I want to say that anything good that has ever happended to me directly or indirectly in this music business which is brutal, brutal, brutal has been a result of Christine Lavin's love. I love her dearly. We have great history togther, we truly do. I admire her work. I love her as an individual.  She is one in a million Christine Lavin.I feel lucky and blessed to know her.

Angela: I'd like to cut to one of her tunes from her new release, have you heard much of it yet?

Julie: I love it because it truly does capture her live performance. o many live records don't. If you have never seen Christine Lavin live, this really does capturehes her essence of what she is and what she does.

(At this point a security guard from Farliegh Dickenson interupts the interview to ask if we had called about an injured goose.
Angela:  Sorry we have to take a break, someone has called about an injured goose.

John:  Not us

Angela:  Was anybody here goosed?

Julie:  There's been one sitting, I can see it from here, under the overhang of whatever that structure is.  He has been sitting there.  We walked past several times today and he hasn't moved.  I don't know if he is injured or sick.  He might be sick.
Guard:  Sorry to ruin the interview

Julie:  That's ok.  I was just imagining you backing over five geese and injuring five geese.  "Oh those must be the geese you are talking about"  "There they are! Who mentioned injured geese"

    Christine Lavin   Getting in Touch with my Inner Bitch:
Angela:  The very talented Christine Lavin.  I'm sitting here by the Hackensack River with Julie Gold who just mentioned that she's in a brutal business. It is.  What would you do if you weren't hooked to this.  How would you earn your money, what would you spend your time on?

Julie:  I've never had any other loving  heartfelt desire. From the minute I heard music I knew why I was born.  To make music to play to listen to music, and for some reason I have been lucky enough to llive this beautiful life as a musicisan.  I don't know.  I love all things "nature". Im an animal love, but I don't have the smarts to be a vet, or the heart to have been a vet cause I cry over any wounded animal.

Angela:  Geese

Julie:  I might have been maybe a zoo keeper helping feed the animals.Feeding or petting the big cats or whatever.  I don't know what else I would have done, because I love music too much.  For anyone who has that calling and is trying also to make a living at it, it is really hard. Getting gigs and getting listened to. Getting respect, it's hard. Its what bonds us all because we have been so rejected and dejected. Yet we know in our hearts why we are here.

    Bitchin Babes - (Julie Gold's) Try Love
Angela:  I was hoping you'd share with us what you've been going through these last two years, medically, do you mind sharing that?
Julie:  I don't mind at all, it wasn't the last two years, it was the last few months. I'm as healthy as an ox. I'm a healthy person. I went for my routine mamagram in November, Novemeber first. They found something questionable. They gave me a biopsy on Novemeber 10th and they found cancer. I had the best case scenario which is early detection. I had microcalcifications that are not detectable by feel, only by mamagram. For any one listening, it's not a fun exam, but living is a fun venture.  So truly.  They detected Cancer.  I had a lumpectomy on November 22nd and I had 6 1/2 weeks of radiation and I'm a drug called Tomoxafin twice a day for the next 5 years. I'm praying that was my one little dip in the cancer pool. I hope never to have to revisit that, but I learned a lot, I'm cancer free with a bright and hopeful future.

Angela:   We have a very vivacious  DJ. at our station on Thursday nights who is going through something similar.  She is not quitting her show, she is coming in and playing  all hair tunes. Anything with "hair". She is funny and she knows her stuff. God bless her, so we will end with a cut in honor of Maris.

    Sue Trainer In a Closeup

Here is the latest Bitchin' Babe release.

    Sally Fingerhett, Megon McDonough, Camille West, Debi Smith -(Don Henry's) Beautiful Fool
If God is watching us,
Hour Two