February 2nd, 2002

Live at WJFF with Sloan Wainwright and Stephen Murphy

Sloan began singing right after a cut by Tom Psado-Rao from the homeless compilation by Silverwolf. I had aired an hour or so of homeless tunes to help promote the 5th Annual Homelessness Marathon which WJFF will air next Tuesday night February 5th from 8pm to 6am.

Sloan Live: Too Nice for Too Long
"shes been too nice for too long
grown accustomed to letting her life happen
running on fumes, drives her to distraction
she's gonna put one foot infront of the other..."

Angie: That was wonderful. You guys can open up the door (speaking to a gathering crowd) out there and clap, I feel so alone in here. Sloan Wainwright here in the studio and Steve....Steve I don't know your last name?

Steve: Murphy

Angie: Steve Murphy. And Sloan Wainwright. Part of the Sloan Wainwright band. That was great. I want to know what  you want to say to all those women out there that are saying "That's me, thats me"

Sloan: Hey, I wanna say hey.

Angie: I guess you've said it all in the song. When I play it for people at home they say, "Thats me."

Sloan: Well good. In what way?

Angie: The feeling of giving til empty, then having to put one foot in front of the other to make themselves interesting again to be out in the world. Thats what I'm getting from it.

Sloan: Thats good. A kind of continuing on, filling up the well after the well runs dry.

Angie: A giving to others and then a starting again. I love your new release!
Sloan is here to promote her SONG INSIDE CD and a concert here next week - can somebody grab the phone? You can come see her live yourself, as I'm doing this morning. We are going to play a little from her CD so you can hear the band sound. Is the whole band coming next week?

Sloan: Well actually we are going to at Harmonie Hall in Callicoon as a trio. Myself, Stephen and Joe Bonadio who plays drums and percussion. We're gonna do a trio thing.

Angie: Thats at the Western Hotel, a nice venue, great venue. You can get guiness on tap, sit by the huge fireplace and then go upstairs under the stained glass and see Sloan Wainwright band play.

Sloan: We are looking forward to it.

Angie: Id love for you to do another song and then chose one from the release so we can get the feeling of the CD.

Sloan: That would be cool. We are gonna do "Wavelength" which is a song about keeping it light verses keeping it dark and the play between that. The mundane and the sublime, so it is our laundry list of mundane and sublime...

Sloan Live: Wavelength

Angie: Nice thanks. I want to know about the dynamics of writing together. You wrote that together didn't you?

Sloan: Yes we did.

Angie: Cuz most of the songs you are writing now together, which is different than your last 2 releases.

Sloan: Thats right this is the new phase of our project.

Angie:  I love it

Sloan: Good.

Angie: There is a huge jump. I liked your other releases, Sloan has two others: From Where you Are and Sloan Wainwright.

Sloan: Yeah, the debut.

Angie:  This is her third and I think this one makes a huge jump.

Sloan: Yeah, I know, well its realized.

Stephen: We got electric

Sloan: Well not only that, its realized. Its rooted, much more rooted and rythmic...

Angie: Yeah, very rythmic

Sloan: Its propelled, less dreamy and linear...which is me.  And Stephen is a little bit more...

Angie: Well Im wondering about the dynamics of that, I can understand doing something alone, but do you grow...build on each other...I can't even word it cuz Im not sure.

Sloan: He is pointing to the mike.

Stephen: Explain please.

Sloan: Come over here!

Angie: You guys can share a mike.

Sloan: Steve and I have been working together for 11 years and its hard to say this is exactly how it goes, but I think from years of working together and having a connection which not everyone understands often, particularly when it comes to creating, making something, in this case music, we've been able to find a way to be challenged with that. Right now whats been happening with it , in the past two years, is that stephen gives me music and I listen. I listen to the music and see what it has to say to me.  I listen to the music and I try to get out of the way adn see what it has to say to me. Then of course I get involved.

Angie: You get in the way.

Sloan: Yes, then I get totally in the way and take over completely.(laughing)

Angie: Well you get on the same path. This one sounds electric and loud, but I don't feel loud I feel energy, which is different than some albums I put on and they are just loud. Annoyingly loud. Unnecessarily loud. Thats not the case here. Its a good combination of energy and feel here. And then you'll drop practically into a whisper on one number. Its amazing the volumes that take you on rides.

Sloan: Thats good

Angie: Lets hear a cut from the album so people know what we are talkinga bout You chose it. I love all of them.

Sloan: Sure. I'd like you to play "You Are the Feast." That song is part of the heart and soul of the record. All the songs are related.

Angie:  Well you guys out there can hear what we are talking about and you guys out there in the studio, there is a crowd gathering for open house. Also want to make sure I say that to Tomorrow at the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling will be Christine Lavin, Pete Seeger, Jay and Molly earning money for Dave Van Ronk ...what is that noise. Oh that's you (Stephen) I thought I had to appologize for something. I told Steve to go ahead and tune and make any musical noices he wants and he is doing it....Christine Lavin is prganizing something at the Crier for Dave Van Ronk. Right before the game..if you do the game....I don't even know who is playing. Also, next Friday, won't be able to air anything until its over...is Chuck Pyle and Michael Johnston. We will now go to Sloan's new CD. YOu'll know what we are talking about after you hear this.

Sloan Wainwright - You Are The Feast
The Song Inside - Farkie Music
"I want to be the one to give you back your life"

Sloan Wainwright - The Song Inside
The Song Inside - Farkie Music
"don't deprive one another of the song inside"

Angie: Hmm some lungs. You are hearing the sounds of Sloan Wainwright...(Her next song began on the Cd and I faded it down) ...and that is the following song, so if you want to hear it all, buy the CD.

Sloan: Yeah its a great records (sounding delightfully unegotystical, just genuine)
And if you want to buy it, this is the way it works. Cuz right now it is not distributed, though it will be soon and in stores, but right now its availlable through me, Sloan, so you can come see me aty Haromonie Hall in Callicoon next Saturday night and get it or go to the website http://www.Sloanwainwright.com

Angie:  Its a nice site. Love that Sun!

Sloan: And my name is spelt S L A O N W A I N W R I G H T No e on Sloan and two W's in Wainwright and you can also get it at cdbaby.com

Angie: I recommend though that they get it at the show.

Sloan: Yeah, cuz then I'll sing it.

Angie: And thats a classy joint. You're gonna like it. Sloans on her way to see that now.

Sloan:And Steve will sign it.

Angie:They will meet Joe, the owner. georgeous place from the 1800's
When I see your name spelt wrong its usually missing that other W.

Sloan: It's a hard name, but no "e" on sloan and two w's.

Angie: Well google says "Do you mean Wainwright?" whenever I do it wrong...yeah

Sloan: Think about it being wainwrong...except its wainwright with a w..like wrong but wright you know?

Angie:I'd love to hear some more live stuff, cuz I could just listen and listen and listen.

Sloan:  How bout if we do a couple of new things? Brand new in progress. This song, we are calling it Illinois. Its our reaction which took quite a while to come forth from 9/11. It was written on the road going to Chicago in October. It was the tumbling forth of words, emotion and music celebrating freedom.  Looking out  the window and driving cross the country is a magnificent way to feel free. So thats the feeling. When I say "Ohio becomes Indiana becomes Illinois", I'm saying what an expansive and beautiful free country we live in. I'm so grateful as a woman I can get in my car and drive or I could walk thousand and thousands and thousands of miles...

Angie: Or you could be a senator for any of those places.

Sloan: That's right. That's really what that means when we encant "Ohio becomes Indiana becomes Illinois"

Sloan Wainwright Live - Illinois (not released yet)

Angie: You also have the image of driving all around, going over the border..

Sloan: Can you tell that we are going very fast in the car? The blue rush? Our car? Trying to get to the gig in Chicago.

Angie: Makes me think of the last time we were together and Garnet was there, did you hear his car story? His stealth volvo?

Sloan: (laughing)

Angie: In a nutshell, he was on the radio talking about how he drives really fast from gig to gig...

Sloan: Oh yeah...(laughing)

Angie: ..in his stealth Volvo...and a cop was listening who later pulled him over.."Ah ha! This is the stealth Volvo!"

Sloan:  Look out Garnet!

Angie: So I see you are at a workshop with David Roth, Penny Nichols ...Sloan hangs with the best of them.

Sloan: Yes I do, including Angie Page

Angie: Want to talk about this.There may be somebody listening who would want to be part of it, want to chat about it?

Sloan: Yes, this is a great thing (reaching for the pamphlet) let me have that so I get this right. Its called Wintersongs. Its a retreat and reunion  and its presented by summersongs which is a fantastic songwriting camp run by my dear friend Penny Nichols who is the most amazing singer songwriter and vocal arranger and woman with vision. Wintersongs is going to be Friday February 15th to Monday February 18th at the Oshokan Field Campus in Olive Ridge, New York. Its a weekend of songwriting, marketing and performance workshops and dialoguing about writing songs and just being together and making songs together, having wonderful food...

Angie: I see it says jams, songcircles, harmony...

Sloan:  Thats right. And reflecting, this is going to be a weekend of reflection. Summer songs in the summer is a week of camping, major and fantastic. If you want to find out about them...

Angie: I'll put it on my website, Ill be working on it when I go home today.  People who are used to pulling up todays show will see the link on the website. Im sure Penny has web presence.

Sloan: People should check it out, I do think there is some more room.  So David Roth who is an inspiring and wonderful songwriter and great singer will be ther and Penny Nichols and many other guest songwriters and people who are just coming to hang out, writer, talk about it, practice and be together.

Angie:  These things are really fun. You don't have to be the greatest of even a songwriter, you can just go and have fun. This is how I met Sloan actually, I went to another one like this in North Carolina where SLoan is a great voice teacher and soul teacher...but we are eating up time chatting and Id like to hear you singing thats why you came.
This is something terrific though, which Ill add to my website.

Sloan: I just want to thank you angie and WJFF for supporting acoustic music and electric music and folk music and the extended envelope and thank you also for promoting our show new week at Harmonie Hall.

Angie: Its a service I think we have to do for people listening.

Sloan: So in the spirit of WIntersongs and songs in general we are going to something else brand new...even though we do have a brand new record and we should be promoting it... Buy the record. Its fantastic. This is brand new and its called " Summertime." Its about a time when you knew where you belonged to someone who loved you.

Sloan Wainwright Live - Summertime (not realeased yet)

Angie: Hmm. I had this image while you were doing that of your son watching you last summer, he was so into it. I thought it such a warm sight to see a grown teenaged guy just digging what his moms doing. I loved that. I went over to him and said "You like that don't you?"

Sloan: You love your mom don't you (cracking up)

Angie: I meant it like- well what kid likes their mother's music and vice-versa you know?
That was so great, and warm.  You wanted to play one cut, we can just squeeze it in , or talk?

Sloan: Yeah. Lets play "I Stand Up" 'cuz that will fit in just great.

Angie: THis will bring an end to Folk Plus, and following Folk Plus today is the kids' show since its the first Saturday of the month. Its also Open House and if you are withing half an hour from here you'll make the beginning and you can get on the mike and say hi to your mom. YOu can do the weatehr, sing, tour the plant and eat. Thanks so much Sloan and Steve for making the trip out. YOU can see them live next weekend at the Western Hotel 8pm. 845 887- 9871

Sloan Wainwright Live - I Stand Up
The Song Inside - Farkie Music

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