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Taking advantage of the hundreds of talented musicians gathering locally for the annual North East Regional Folk Alliance,  four acts came in today to be on Folk Plus. Read all the NERFA 2002 Interviews Angela conducted

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Part Three: Zoe Lewis

Angela: 12 minutes after noon. My name's Angela Page and you are tuned into Folk Plus. 37 drippy degrees here in Jeffersonville. Freezing sleet due later, 100 percent chance of rain, 100 percent chance of incredible folk music for the next 50 minutes. We have Zoe Lewis who just ran in. You guys are so flexible. She has grabbed her guitar, she is sitting here and she is ready. I said lets play the cd, but she is ready and live music is always better - so welcome to Folk Plus.

Zoe: Thank you Angie.

Angela: Thanks so much for coming.  I'd love to hear something live, go to it, and you are here with Roxanne.

Zoe: I'm here with Roxanne Leighton Layton? You can't see us now. We are doing strange things with the microphone. We 've been driving through the mountains and its been snowing. It makes me feel like a little bit of sunshine. So I'm going to sing a little song that I wrote when I was in Guatemala. I don't know if anyone has been to Guatemala out there maybe this will take you there for a moment. You can hoot and holler in this one out there in radio land. I didn't take a camera and this is what came out.

Zoe Lewis Live: Gringos!

Zoe Lewis and her photograph of Guatemala! I like that, because Im sitting here thinking, I didn't bring a camera! I'll have to go home and write a song about today. Just at the moment I think I have pinpointed your accent, which I know is English, I think oh it is yorkshire, then no its kind of its kinda proper.
Zoe: I am very  proper did you not realize that? Can you not tell that? Im actually from Brighton, the south coast of England. So that is proper sort of, but now I've traveled all over the world d and picked up so many accents on the way. People actually when they talk to me, and they are putting on an English accent, they put on a cockney accent  like Dick Van Dyke, and I end up imitating them imitating me incorrectly and I end picking up their accent! So, its a bit confusing.

Angela: I loved your fishbone, wishbone CD. Is your web site..

Zoe: It has changed to

Angela: That makes the world so much easier. (spelling it) YOu know, my family is Lewis from Whales and Yorkshire - so later we can talk about if we are related. I think we probably are. But I can't play like you can. And Welcome Roxanne you live in Woodstock?

Roxanne: Cape Cod.

Zoe: We both do. We drove down yesterday from Cape Cod and today from Woodstock  but we just came back the night before from a mid-west tour. We were driving round prairies a day and a half ago and now we are in the snowy mountains of the catskills.

Angela: And you haven't brought that accent this way? Are you always a day or so being with your accents? Can you do something else live? You are showcasing tomorrow. Those of you listening, for 15 bucks you can hear 10 singers, sort of like those dating circles. You will get a feeling for klezmer, singer songwriters, 3 part harmony, traditional singers and Zoe Lewis.

Zoe: And we are also playing in different hotel rooms after that. Roxanne also plays with Mannheim steamroller on tours with them a lot. She is an excellent recorder player. She will be playing with me some more tonight. This is one I do without her this I wrote in Orlando Florida. Its quite an interesting town and I went to a party where everyone was actually a theme park worker. It was a a miracle. People were behaving a little strangely in the party. I met this woman, who said it was actually her job to dress in a tea cup outfit as Chip the tea cup in Beauty and the Beast.

Angela: Hey, someone has to.

Zoe: And I dreamed of doing that myself! But then I talked to her and she said it wasn't so great. There you are in the hot Florida sunshine there you are in this large furry teacup outfit, boiling. And if you faint, you are not allowed to unzip the teacup outfit, cuz you'd loose your job in fact, so what do you do? You let the spoon drag you off. That's what happens. I was really quite full of feeling for the teacup lady and she started telling me stories. I met her friend around midnight at the party, and she told me her story.

Angela: And you worked in something about a hot cup of tea?

Zoe: No I have another song all about that, but I must say it was fun coming from england and meeting a tea cup. But this isn't about the tea cup, this is about another character. I met her at half past midnight and this is a true story.

Zoe Lewis: Snow White Says the F Word

Angela: I want you to know how appropriate that song is right now. At this moment at the workshops, Oscar Brand, Rich Warren and Gene Shay are doing a workshop are talking about 1st amendment rights, radio station policy, censorship blacklisting and bad words on the radio.

Zoe: Well I didn't say a bad word you see. I'm very diplomatic. Someone told me I should just say the bad word, but that would change the whole meaning of the song. I'm English so I couldn't actually say it.

Angela: Well, it is more powerful not to. Like a good movie. You don't have to see the whole violence, you need to imagine romance...

Zoe: You need to imagine Snow White saying that and not actually hear her.

Angela: Zoe came here in 1990 and lives in the Cape Cod area now, but tours all over, grabbing influences from round the world and bringing them to our ears. She is showcasing tonight at Kutshers. Can we hear something else?

Zoe: Sure, shall we do another little Latin thing? "Lullaby" , featuring Rozanne.

Angela: We played this at 7 am this morning, on Ballads and Banjos. If you want to start your saturday mornings with folk, tune in to Sonja Hedlund's show from 6 - 8 am. Its a farming community so people listen in their barns.

Zoe: Do you want to hear that or developers then?

Angela: I love the developers one. That's really a good one here, its one of my favorites, I love all the accents in this one.

Zoe: THis is on the ukulele. In Hawaiian it means little jumping flea, so sometimes its in tune, but we will manage. Cuz its live radio. THis is about my home village in England. It used to be sheep and green fields across the way, but now unfortunately there is a highway and a freeway cut through the hills. I must say it was beautiful driving here, I saw a lot of green and white this morning. I like to keep it that way.

Zoe Live: When The Developers Came to Tea
Angela: Zoe Lewis, a band in a woman. I've read that many times, how do you like that?

Zoe - A band in a body. Yes. I'm a piano player originally. That's my main instrument, but you can't travel around with a piano as a main instrument very easily.

Angela: You going to play piano tonight.

Zoe: I'll play a couple on guitar and one on piano, where my main chops are.

Angela: Thanks for fitting us in between Woodstock and Kutshers.

Zoe: Come see us in Provincetown.

Angela: I'll talk to you later when Im a little freer. Zoe is one of the performers tonight at Kutshers, as is Debra Cowan. It is 15 dollars to hear a little bit of ten performers. A nice smattering. You'll know who you want to hear more of and pick up a cd and start following their careers. So here for a teaser, Debra Cowan.

Read all the NERFA 2002 Interviews Angela conducted

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