Folk Plus January first 2000 :  Possibilities, Dreams, and Staying Up all Night

Some area children speak about their wishes for the millennium

1.  Wishes from Children in the WJFF listening area
     -"that people will stop smoking cigarettes"
     -"that there will be a cure for HIV, aids and cancer"
     -"that we can save the environment"
     -"that we save more wildlife"
     -"that there be an end to nuclear war"
     -"a wish for world peace"

2. David Roth - This is the Year
    Nights at the Chez -
    "..that I follow my passion, this is the year of my dreams"

3.  Annie Gallup - Anything is Possible
     Courage My Love - 1 800 PRIME CD
     " it was the first time, or like it was the last"

4.  Joan Baez/Jeffrey Shurtleff (Willie Nelson) - One Day at a Time
     One Day at a Time - '69 Vanguard 79310
     "I dream one dream at a time"

5.  Artisan - Hold on to your Dreams
    Our Back Yard -
    "Clear a path other dreamers can tread"

6.  Darryl Purpose - Last Great Kiss of the 20th Century
     Travelers' Code -
    "Sometimes we let these things slip through our fingers, sometimes not"

7.  Hugh Blumenfeld - 30th Birthday Party
     Barehanded -  h2jukebox@EARTHLINK.NET
    "do you have to live forever, with forever at your back, get up and love me while you can"

For people who were celebrating and up all night:

8.  Will Hoppey (Stu Kabak)  - Raise a Glass/Friends You Love the Most
    e Koos Tik - -
    "you can let your feelings show, cuz that's what friends are for"

9.  Wiggin Sisters - Good Night's Sleep
    Wiggin Sisters -
    "all I want to do is get a good night's sleep"

10.  Debbie Smith - Sleep
      More Than Once
      "Its a nice party but I'm going home.....
            The only date I have is with the sandman tonight"

11.  Jim Farrand - Take One (a nap)
       3 a.m. on a Tuesday -
       "take one on my futon, take one on my bed..."

12.  Carla Sciaky - Insomnia Blues
       Awakening - Green Linnet 1 800 468 6644
       43 Beaver Brook Rd, Danbury, CT 06810
       "now I lay me down to weep"

13.  Robin Greenstein - Slow Burn
       Slow Burn -
       "I think I'm gonna be up a while tonight"

14.  Bill Garrett - I Wonder if you're Sleeping
       Seems To Me -
      "with the minutes slipping by"

15.  Lucy Kaplansky (Brian Rose) - Open All Night
       Fast Folk Musical Magazine - SE 107 August '82
       "Come on home with me baby, I'm open all night"

16.  Sally Barris - All Night Cafe
       Reluctant Daughter -
       "It's just you and I and this all night cafe"

Isn't it ironic that as kids we try to avoid sleep, and as adults we can't seem to get enough.

17.  Rosenshontz - Sleep
       Lightyear Entertainment  350 5th Ave Suite 5101 NYC 10118
       all the excuses...I'm thristy, scared, it's too light, too dark, you owe me allowance

18.  Michael Caloz as D.W.  - Go To Sleep
       Arthur and Friends - The First Almost Real Not Live CD or tape
       An older sibling sings "seems like you've been crying for a year"

I admitt I felt intense pressure planning this set.  I identified with this next tune:

19.  Carla Ulbrich - Nothing
       Her Fabulous Debut -
       A Major Record Lavel PO Box 42 Clemson SC  29633
         "At home I was hilarious..."

20  Barry Loius Polisar - Nothing
      Teacher's Favorite - Rainbow Morning Music
      2121 Fairland Rd  Silver Spring MD 20904
      "what did you do in school?"  "what do you do when you don't go to school?"

21  Lisa McCormick - If Anything Ever Happens
       Right Now
       "how will I know what I'm supposed to do?"

22.  Barbara Martin - Common Everyday
       Between White and Black - Rare Bird Music mgt
       "save me from these boring details"

23.  Camille West - Raptured 2000
       Diva's Day Off -
        Mother Tongue Music  POBox 4299 Queensbury NY 12804

24.  Andy Breckman (Christine Lavin) - The World is Coming to an End
      Big League Babe Christine Lavin Tribute Album, Pt. 2
       Andy says it is her best song, "I don't know why she bothered with the others"

25.  Judith Zweiman (Christine Lavin) - Biological Time Bomb
       Big League Babe Christine Lavin Tribute Album, Pt 1
       "Listen girls!"

26.  Julie Christine Rickman - I Don't Speak Lithuanian
       Sublime Detonation -
       Passing on language on a New Year's Eve

27.  Herdman, Hills, Mangsen (Eileen McGann) - Requim for the Trees
       Voices - Flying Fish
       There are some trees older than our millennium

28.  James Keelaghan - Recent Future
       A Recent Future - Green Linnet -
       "there is no will be there's just was"

29.  Richard Meyer - Century's End
       A Letter to the Open Sky -
      "left for fillings and piles of shoes"  "memory's dying at century's end"

30.  Dick Gaughin - Different Kind of Love Song
       A Different Kind of Love Song - Folk Freak
        Bergstrasse 28 D-3401 Ebergotzen       Tel 0 5507 / 846
       "I'll keep trying to make people the best way I know how"
       "To make the most people happy I must make you more sad and angry now"

Didn't the world seem to come together over this 2000 turn?

31.  Red Grammer - Listen
       Teaching Peace -
       Red Note Records 5049 Orangeport Rd Brewerton NY 13029
       "everywhere around the world a heartbeat sounds the same"

Completing the circle after the opening thoughts from the area children

32.  John Denver (Lascelles) - The Box
      Poems, Prayers and PromisesRCA Victor
       "No one seems to want to save the children anymore"

31.  Penny Lang (Ed McCurdy) - Last Night I had the Strangest Dream
       Live at the Yellow Door - She-Wolf Records SWPL-9702-2
        "I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end ot war"

32.  Lui Collins - Hold the Last Note Out
       Baptism of Fire - Molly Gamblin
       "Waking up is easy when you have a smiling face before you"
       "Now everybody's gone away, its only you and me"

Happy New Year