January 8 00     Folk Plus

Heaven and Hell

1.  Heaven - Julie Gold
      Dream Loud - Gadfly1@aol.com  http://www.gadflyrecords.com
      "Tell them I went to heaven"  "Watch as I set my soul free"

2.  Letter From Heaven - Bill Morrissey
      Night Train - Philo
      "It's a great life here in heaven"

3.  Put Me Through To Heaven - Artisan
      Breathing Space -   http://www.artifact.demon.co.uk
      "Sorry Mr. Sinner there's no one in just now"

4.  Heaven is Less Than Fair - Kim and Reggie Harris
      Steal Away Appleseed - KimAndReg@Aol.Com
      PO Box 2593 West Chester, PA 19380
      A slave may make is to "heaven" or freedom, but their loved ones may not have
       "Without you here, heaven is less than fair"

5.  Walk into Heaven - Cosy Sheridan
      One Sure Thinginfo@waterbug.com
       "I can walk into heaven with all of you beside me"

6.  My Heaven  - Laurie McClain
      Child Behind My Eyes - POBox 23963 Nashville TN 37202
      "Your great great grandpa can dance with your great great great great great grandma"

7.   Hog Heaven - Robin Bienemann
      Chicago Heaven -    terrymac@earthlink.net
      Wingwalker Records 1912 N.Damen Chicago, Il 60647
      "Only one place left for an old hog like me"

8.   Heavensent - Margo Hennebach
      Margo Hennebach - 1 800 PrimeCD
      111 E. 14th St. Suite 300 NYC 10003
      "I am always here and that I am heavensent"

9.  Watch the Stars/Gate of Heaven - Hills, Mangsen, Sorrels
     Never Grow Up - Flying Fish  http://www.rounder.com
     1 Camp St Cambridge, MA 02140

10.  Last Tango in Paradise - Paul Kamm/Eleanore MacDonald
       Calling on Love - http://www.songs.com/kammac  kammmac@netshel.net
        "I ain't waiting 'til the last dance comes to the garden of Eden"

11.  God's Country - Ani Difranco
       Puddle Dive - Righteous Records 429 Richmond Ave Buffalo NY 14222
        "This may be God's country, but it's my country too"

12.  Kiss Me Before I Die - Laurie Lewis
       Seeing Things - http://www.rounder.com
         "The Lord giveth and he taketh away"

13.  Heaven's Restaurant - Fireweed
        Fireweed - rasberry@educ.queensu.ca  Perth Ontario
        "I don't belong in heaven's restaurant"

14.  Breakfast in Hell - Slaid Cleaves
       Broke Down - Philo  http://www.rounder.com  info@rounder.com
        "We'll break this (log) jam, or it's breakfast in hell boys"

15.  Purgatory Cafe - Lisa McCormick
       Seven Solos - http://www.lisamccormick.com  lmccorm@sover.net
        " it's a heck of a place to pass your time away"

16.  Devil in Me - Cliff Eberhardt
       12 Songs of Good and Evil - Red House
        "You can't blame me, it isn't my fault, it's the devil in me"

17.  Devil's Got Your Name - The westerleys
       A Blessing and a Curse - nterzian@aol.com  http://www.songs.com/westerleys
       "I went to the devil's house and I told him your name"

18.  Fight the Devil - Annie Gallup
        Cause and Effect -1 800 PRIME CD
        "Would you lie for me, steal for me?"

19.  Le Damne - Matapat
       Matapat - http://www.interlog.com/~brc
       "La vie d'une homme oh bien criminel"

20.  The Devil and Robert Johnson - Tom Dean
       Your Own Backyard - devpro@ncia.net
       "They were dancing cheek to cheek"

21.  A Mismatch Made in Hell - John Forster
       Helium - http://www.rounder.com
        "I was a tightwad she was a speding spree"

22.  Down Derry Down - David Massengill
       Twilight in Taj Mahal - http://www.plump.com
        "Are you bored with the Lord?"

23.  Morning Glories - Eric Garrison
       Looking for Egypt - China Moon Prod
        575 Ponus Ridge New Canaan, CT 06840  egarri5110@aolcom
        "There's morning glories growing by the gates down in Purgatory"
        (someone called thinking that this was a John Prine tune)

24.  If I Die Tomorrow - David Rovics
       We Just Want the World - http://www.davidrovics.com
       Drovics@aol.com  POBox 995 Jamaica Plain A 02130

25.  One Moment of Grace- Nightsun
       One Moment of Grace -  Nightsun@kingston.net  http://www.nightsun.ca
       "The breath of God on my face"

26.  Lord of the Dance - (Sydney Carter) John Allan Cameron
       Lord of the Dance - Columbia Records Canada
        "I will lead you all in the dance"