Folk Plus, Saturday, January 15 2000

Martin Luther King   January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968

1.   Beautiful Fool  (about Martin Luther King) - Don Henry
      Wild in the Backyard - Sony Music 666 5th Ave PO Box 4455 NYC 10101
     "Dreams weren't meant to come true, that's why they call `em dreams, oh you Beautiful Fool"
     "Mahatma Ghandi, Jesus Christ, History repeats itself"

2.  "And it ought to be possible for Americans of any color to register and to vote in a free election without interferance or fear of reprisal.  it ought to be possible in short for every American to enjoy the privileges of being American without regard to his race, or his color"
     - John F. Kennedy    A Memorial Album,  Premier Albums 356 W. 40th St. N.Y.  N.Y.

3. How Long - Terry Leonino, Greg Artzner, Kim and Reggie Harris
     Spoken in Love - Long Tail Records  KimAndReg@Aol.Com
     PO Box 5467 Takoma Park MD 20913
     "How long can we go on?"  "Can't we see the writing on the wall?"

4.  Talking’ Bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman
     Tracy Chapman - Elektra 75 Rockefeller Plaza NYC10019
     "Poor people gonna rise up and take what's theirs"

Never Gonna Stop that Train - James Keelaghan
     Recent Future - Green Linnet
     43 BeaverBrook Road   Danbury CT 06810  800 468 6644
     "the ride is never free, always gonna be a price to pay"

During the "Mississippi Summer Project" in the summer of 1963 James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner died while working on voter registration for Black families in Mississippi.

6. Those Three are on My Mind - (Pete Seeger) Kim & Reggie Harris, Terry Leonino, Greg Artzner
    Spoken in Love - Long Tail PO Box 5467 Takoma Park MD 20913
    “I know the price of Liberty”  KimAndReg@Aol.Com

June 21st these students were declared missing, many dead blacks were found at the bottom of the dragged waters before these three were found August 4th.

7.  Here’s to the State of Mississippi - (Phil Ochs) - Katy Moffat
     What's That I Hear?: Songs of Phil Ochs - Sliced Bread Records
     PO Box 606  Blue Bell, PA 19422
     "Mississippi, find another country to be part of"

8.  Freedom Riders - Kim and Reggie Harris, Terry Leonino, Greg Artzner
     What's That I Hear?: Songs of Phil Ochs  -  KimAndReg@Aol.Com
     "Boarded a bus down in Washington DC to enter a state half slave and half free"

9.  Number One in America - David Massengill
      Coming Up for Air - Flying Fish  1304 W. Shubert Chicago Il 60614
     "Imagine them telling us how to live"

10.  That Kind of Grace - Anne Hills David Roth (Amazing Grace- John Newton)
       Rising in Love - Folk Era   RothDM@Aol.Com
       "And when I sing Amazing Grace, it's your face that I see" (on forgiveness)

11. Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around - Kim and Reggie Harris
      Spoken in Love - (above)  KimAndReg@Aol.Com
      "Ain't gonna let racism turn me around"

Turning from the specifically "Black" struggle to other freedom struggles:

12  Individual - Kevin So
       Along the Way -
       “Who are you to judge me?”

13. Vaguely Reminiscent of the 60's (song and intro) . - Charlie King
       Vaguely Reminiscent of the 60's
       Whenever a major rally occured during the seventies instead of gaining it's due publicity it was
       dismissed as being "Vaguely reminiscent of the 60's."

14.   No More Genocide in My Name - Holly Near
        Lifeline - Live LP Redwood Records
        476 W MacArthur Blvd Oakland 94609
        "The Klan is teaching children to hate"

15. Tiger in New Jesery - Julie Gold
       Tiger in New Jersey - single - (for Amado Dialo)
        I got my great copy via DJ Bill Hahn
       "they don't let you live in peace, they don't let you die in peace"

16.  Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher - Deborah Holland
       Book of Survival -
       "having tea" (how nice)

17. The Hands of Victor Jara - Chuck Brodsky
      Letters in the Dirt - Red House
       501 West Lynnhurst Ave St Paul MN 55104
      "He defied the general's orders by not singing the refrain"

18. Se Necesita un Muchacha - Jolie Christine Richman
       Sing It Down -
       "do my dirty work for me"

19.  Las Marias - Tish Hinojosa
       Frontejas - Rounder  1 camp St. Cambridge Mas 02140
       "busco a mi hermana justicia, la paz, la cultura y felicidad"

20.  Crossing the Border - Anne Weiss
       Crossing the Border -
        From her notes "This album is dedicated to Ngawang Choephel (pronounced: Nawong Chopal)
       ethnomusicolgist, teacher, Fulbright scholor, performing artist, and friend serving 18 yrs in
       Chinese-occupied Tibet for making a documentary of traditional Tibetan music and dance."
       "Share we can't, those are racism's rules"

21  Contas, Kings and Generals - David Rovics
       We Just Want the World -
       "Bombs falling over Bagdad.  A U.N. sanctioned holocaust"

22.  It Never Ceases to Amaze Me - Terri Allard
       Terri Allard -  (Burnt Hills 1/21/00)
       "One man sees your soul another sees your skin"

23.   What's the Matter? - Catie Curtis
       Crash Course in Roses  - Ryko
       "what if I am Black or Jew, Straight or Queer..."

24. Voices of Struggle - Rick Fielding
       Lifeline -
       "those who died for freedom gave us strength to carry on"

25.  This Living Planet  -  Jay Mankita
       Jay Mankita    800 268 8458
        "If the world were peaceful now and forever more"

24    Fire of Change  -  Buddy Mondlock
       On The Line - PO Box 121552 Nashville, TN 37212
         "Just one in hundreds"