Folk Plus - Saturday, January 29, 2000

Cars and Driving

1.  Fun Fun Fun - Beach Boys
     Live in London - Capital
     “til her daddy takes the T bird away”

2.  Get in the Car - Mozy Fruvous
     You Willl Go to the Moon - Bottom Line Rec
     “I’m all right look what Im driving”

3.  Take Me for a Ride in Your Car Car - (W.Guthrie) Peter Paul and Mary
     Peter Paul and Mary in Concert - Warner Bros. 1555
     “hello sport’s fans and welcome to Daytona Beach”

4.  Drive - Nonchalants
     Drive -
     “drive ‘til I can’t see your face in the mirror”

5.  You Dance like you Drive - Armor & Sturtevant
     You Dance like you Dance - POBox 3035 Erie PA 16508
     “You nearly ran me over as you tried to catch my eye”

6.  Stuck Behind Buford - Greg Trafidlo
     Old Dog New Tracks -
     “I’d have been here about an hour ago, but I got stuck behind Buford”

7.  Roadside Art - David Wilcox
     East Ashville Hardware-
     “Now I’ve got a gallery where my front yard used to lay”

8.  Driving in Massachusetts - Greg Greenway
     Laugh Tracks Vol 1 -
     “I was almost killed by my own courtesy”

9.  Rigadon - Robert Paquette
     Prends Celui Qui Passe - 7033 Rte Trans-Canadienne, Ville St-Laurnet Montreal
     “Ottawa, Petawawa, Mattawa, North Bay, Sturgeon, Verner, Warren Hagar....”

10.  Jersey State Stomp - Dave Van Ronk
      Feb 82 The Coop Fast Folk Musical Magazine
      “Mataway, Totawa, Whippany, Parsipany.....”

11. No Left Turns in Jersey - Eddie From Ohio
      Big Noise - Virginia Soul Records
      “Little voice says that the wiper fluids low”

12. Road Locomotive - David Wilcox
      How Did You Find Me Here - A & M
      “I’m a tail-finned road locomotive”

13. Cars, Cars, Cars and Relationships - Lisa McCormick
      Right Now - Rising Records
      “nothing can push you over the edge like....”

14. Straightaway - Devonsquare
      By Bye Route 66 - Atlantic Rec. 75 Rockefellr Plaza NYC 10019
      “I have the same old dream each and everynight, on a jet black highway without a curve in sight”

15. Speed - Artisan
      Rocking on the Edge of Time -
      “heading for where the white lines meet”

On D.W.I. (true story)

16. The Night His Reputation Lost its Shine - Luke Liddy
      Imperfection - Sidewalk Rec POBox 263 Newton NJ 07860
      “He drove his oldsmobile into a filing station sign”
      “His wife drove 20 miles in the rain to spring her man”

17. Star Cab Company - McGarrigles
      Love Over and Over - Polydor
      “She drives me into town every Sunday morn”

18. By The Side of the Road - Lucinda Williams
      Rough Trade - Rough Us http://www/
      "You wait in the car on the side of the road..."

19. Drive - Jazzabels (Cathy Carfagna, Kilissa McGoldrick)
      Skyway - DelMore Records OBox 163 Buffalo NY 14215
      “I was riding down the road, route 33, when a rabling feeling came over me”

20 My New Car - Sloan Wainwright
     From Where You Are -
     “I’m afraid of the brushless carwash”

21. Do You Ever Drive By - Venus Rising
      Venus Rising -
      POBox 324 Kensington MD 20895
      “drive by my house, park your car.....?”

22. Drive Myself Home - Joyce Woodson
      Landscapes - Radish Records
     “I think I’ll drive myself home before I hurt anymore”

23. I’m Drving Your Girlfriend Home - Lisa Moscatello
      Innocent When You Dream -
      “drive on. she says”

24. Merritt Parkway, 2 am - Richard Shindell
      Somewhere Near Paterson -

24. Transit - Richard Shindell
      Somewhere Near Paterson -
      “The merge from the Turnpike was murder”

25. Beautiful Road - Erica Wheeler
      From That Far - Blue Pie Music
      121 Pine St Florence MA 01060
      “I was the destination on this beautiful road”

26. Wipple’s Last Customer - Chris Willimas
      One Man Service Station - Big Red Van Music
      “Weathred hand across the glass”
      “quietly asking to check the oil for you”

27. Parking Lot - Wiggins Sisters
      Minnesota -
      “Pretty soon its gonna be dark, oh my god where did I park?”

28. Ninety Miles Out - Debbie Diedrich
      Ninety Miles Out -
      “I am not behind the wheel”

29. All Roads - Mindy Jostyn
      Five Miles From Hope - 1 800 PRIME CD
      “The car broke down for the last time”

30. Stop The Car - Fat Man Waving
      Habit of Gravity - 1 800 563 7234 (Joe Radio)
      “Stop the car, but then I want to go farther”