Folk Plus Saturday February 5, 2000

Intrview with Buddly Mondlock. The full interview can be viewed at:
Information on Buddly Mondlock can be found at: Songs.Com/buddy

Buddy Mondlock is a gifted writer. You don't have to tell that to Nanci Griffith, members of Cry Cry Cry, Peter Paul and Mary, Janis Ian,  They have all sung his tunes.  Twenty years ago Buddly Mondlock was playing in the Chicago club scene. Opening for Gamble Rogers or Steve Goodman he began to play as a headliner himself at well known clubs such as the Earl of Old Town.

In 1986 Mondlock met Guy Clark at the Kerrville Folk Festival who took Mondlock's music to Bob Doyle at ASCAP. Doyle left ASCAP to manage Mondlock and Garth Brooks. Here is a tune co-written by Garth and Buddy, sung by the Smith Sisters.

1.   A Canary's Song -(Mondlock/G.Brooks) Smith Sisters
      A Canary's Song - Flying Fish 70616
      "Living in this hole where I don't belong"

2.   The Kid - (Mondlock) David Wilcox
      How Did You Find Me Here - A & M Records
       "I could no more stop dreaming, than I could make them all come true"

Lets hear Buddy himself. Here he is with a song co-written with Tom Kimmel

3.    Poetic Justice - Buddy Mondlock
       Poetic Justice  - Major Bob Prod   Songs.Com/buddy

Fullfilling a dream on this new release he was able to work with a string quartet. Guest artists on his new release include Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith and Ellis Paul. Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary said "With writers like Buddy around I don't think we need to worry about the future of Folk Music". I asked him about some of his favorite lines and the fact that many big names in Folk are recording his tunes:

The whole interview can be viewed at

4.    No Choice - Buddy Mondlock
       Poetic Justice - Songs.Com/buddy
       "a beautiful fire inside of him as he balanced way out on that limb,
         could have burned right through that branch so thin,
         but he never really had no choice"

5.     Baby - Buddy Mondlock
        Poetic Justice - Songs.Com/buddy
        "How can she make a home for some little heart"

6.    Bagger - Michael McNevin
        Sketch - Songs.Com/mcnevin
        Mudpuddle Music -
        "I know I'm the low man on the pole, nowhere to go but up"

Written for Walter Hyatt after discovering that he died on the plane that crashed in the Everglades. Carol felt he was telling her he was OK and in a good place.

7.    Message From Walter - Carol Elliott
       People I Meet - Songs.Com/carol
        "As far as I can see there will never be a boundary between your heart and mine"

8.      Neutral Ground - Pierce Pettis
         Everything Matters -

I asked Buddy what song of his he'd like to be covered by what artist.  Buddy mentioned that he'd like Joan Baez to do his following tune

9.    Cats of the Colosseum - Buddy Mondlock
       Buddy Mondlock - Doyle/Lewis Prod  Songs.Com/buddy
        "They are living by their wits"

10.   Break the Cup - (Mondlock) Carol Elliott
        The People I Meet Songs.Com/carol
        "I want to stain the emptiness"
        "I want to get a mouthful and I want to break the cup"

Here are some of the names of people Buddy would have at a songwriter's festival that he would book.

11.   Can't Win - Richard Thompson
        Amnesia - Capital Records
        "They told me to fail, better sink than sail, just play the game"

12.   None But the Rain (Van Zandt) Robin & Linda Williams
        Robin and Linda Williams - Flashlight

13.   Lincoln Park Pirates - Steve Goodman
        The Essential Steve Goodman -

14.   Stumpy's Last Dance - Frank Tadesso
        Songs From Einstein's Violin -
        "In the first light of the morning I crawled to the river"

15.   Climb On - Shawn Colvin
        Fat City - Columbia
        "Sometimes we don't know what to do"

16.  Honor Among Thieves - Tom Pasada-Rao
        Hear You Laughing - ISG 9974 Asheville, NC 28815 Songs.Com/tpr
        "Every band of gypsies know what no one else believes"

17.   Any World That I'm Welcome To - Darrell Scott
        Family Tree -
        "I only know I must obey this feeling I can't explain away"

18.   Down in Dixie County - Chris Rosser
        Archeology - Inc Songwriters Group Songs.Com/asheville/cr
        POBox 9974 Asheville, NC 28815
        "They say he came from somewhere north, white woman by his side"

19.  Up Until Then - John Gorka
        Out of the Valley -
        "He's living with that bimbo up on Raspberry Street"
        Gorka says this is the line that drove the song

20.  My Aunt Anna - Buddy Mondlock
        On the Line - Songs.Com/buddy
        "When any of us wee doubting ourselves she told us we were all right"