Folk Plus Saturday February 12 2000

Fund Drive Show

1. Girl Meets Boy - Marlo Thomas/Mel Brooks -Free To Be You and Me

Love Denied:
2. Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare

3. Jock of Hazeldeen - Pricilla Herdman - Water Lily

4. She Loves a Girl - Ellis Paul - Translucent Soul

5.  Attainable Love - Christine Lavin - Attainable Love

6. Venus Motel - Lynn Miles - Chalk This One Up to the Moon

Love achieved:
7. Ring on My Hand - Darryl Purpose - Traveller's Code

Appearing in Liberty on Monday night at the Warehouse III:
8  NIMBY - Artisan - Our Back Yard

9 Breathing Space - Artisan - Breathing Space

10  Monopoly - Max Cohen - Places I've Gone, People I've Been

11 People Love -Pat Humphries - Tape from a studio performance

What have you learned from listening to public radio?
Can you put a price on it and pledge:
12  I have Learned - David Roth - Inreconsilable Simularities

By request:
13 Further and Further Away - Cheryl Wheeler - Big Times in a Small Town

How about a pledge in honor of your pet?
14.  Dog Dreams - Jonatha Brooke - "                 " (C. Lavin's Vineyard Tapes)

15.  Lost Valentine - Cosy Sheridan - Grand Design

16  Most Creative Valentine - Stu Kabak (a song on CD driven over by a WJFF listener!)

17  Make Someone Happy- Dead End Cafe Tapes (of Parksville N.Y. who will be hosting our 10 year birthday party tomorrow. Hear the DJ's perform.  Hope to see you there.)