Saturday February19 2000

The music of Trios featuring an interview with Artisan

The entire interview can be viewed at
and this set lists with links at

The following selections are all from Artisan (
and worked into an interview taped Monday February 14 2000 in Liberty New York after a concert at Warehouse III.

1. (song) Wannabee - (CD)Our Big Back Yard

2. In The Beginning - Breathing Space

3. Time My People Were Free - Rocking at the End of Time

4. Fear - Our Back Yard

5. Whats the Use of Wings - Rocking at the End of Time

6. One Minute Song - Rocking ď

7. Habit Iíll Have to Kick - Our Back Yard

8. New Song live - inspired by North American insect experiences

9. Iíll Sail No More - Breathing Space

10. Snakes and Ladders -Breathing Space

Now to some other trio sounds:

11. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Andrew Sisters
     The Best of the Andrew Sisters - MCA Records

12. James James Morrison Morrison - (Milne)Chad Mitchell Trio
      Chad Mitchell Trio Live at the Bitter End - Kapp Records

13 Ma I Want to Make Rythm - Chenille Sisters
     Ma I want to Make Rythym - Red House

14. Ing - Roches
     Dove - MCA Records

15. Getting Lots of Sleep - Bird Sisters
     Different Stories - Guelph, Ontario

16. San Fransisco Bay - Peter Paul and Mary
     A Song Will Rise - Warner Bros.

17. High Sierra (Harley Allen) - TRIO (Rondstat, Parton, Harris)
     Trio II - Asylum Records

18. Ironmaster - Tamarack
     Leaving Inverardon -

19. Three Good Reasons - Sons of the Never Wrong
      Three Good Reasons - Waterbug

Also a trio and bridging to mining songs is the next selection. Mining was the primary livlihood of the area in which Artisan lives. Now the area makes ball bearings, tennis balls and serves as a bedroom community for three larger cities.

20. Redwing blackbird/Black Burning Air - Mangsen, Hills, Herdman
      Voices - Flying Fish

21. Pitman Blues - Rick Fielding (and Way)
      Lifeline - Folk Legacy Records

22. Hillcrest Mines - James Keelaghan
      Small Rebellions - Tranquilla Music

23. Buried Below - Artisan
      Our Big Backyard -

24. Sheffield Grinders - (trad) Hilary Spencer
      Other Roads Other Lives -