Saturday March 4, 2000

Airing the music of the winter 2000 Sing Out! issue, and sharing some reviewers comments.

I began with a live telephone discussion with Sing Out! editor Mark Moss, speaking from his home in Bethlehem Pa, about the history of the magazine and its mission statement. The whole discussion is posted at

Copies of Sing Out! can be obtained from:
info@singout.org   1 888 SINGOUT
(610) 865 5366    POBox  5460 Bethlehem, PA 18015

Here are the songs with a quote from the Sing Out! reviewer's comment first:

Sing Out! - “The Yellow Piper is a masterpiece that alone justifies buying the CD. In less than 6 minutes it traces the life of a woman from a young girl who traded her body for flying lessons”

1. Kristina Olsen - The Yellow Piper
    The Truth of a Woman -
    Take a Break Production -
    “He was angry I wouldn’t trust him, to let him know my heart”

Sing Out! - “Nancy Terzian is probably one of better singers you’ve never heard of...a good disc to take a chance on”

2. Westerleys - Dying on the Vine
    Blessing and a Curse -   POBox 2063 Mill Valley CA 94941
    “Now I’ve come to understand why youth can’t pass for age”

Sing Out! - “Curtis manages mature women’s topics without losing a youthful touch....she gently brings you to her points with tunes that grow on you with each listen, a sign that this is a lasting work”

3. Catie Curtis - Wise to The Ways
   Crash Course in Roses -
   1 888 2EARFUL
   “First in color, now in stereo here’s my tragedy I wanted you to know”

Sing Out! - “Mallett is one of those songwriters that always has something worthwhile to say, and always says it in a poetic way. He comes up with marvelous line after marvelous line”

4. Dave Mallet - Greenin’ Up
    Ambition -
    “Well I work all day in the garden, this time of year there’s just too much to do”

Sing Out! - “One Moment of Gace is a fund package that breaks through the constraints of labeling...celtic, klezmer, polish, Middle Eastern, contemporary folk, give up trying to label and fall in with the music”

5. Night Sun - Babe
    One Moment of Grace - Box 415 Sydenhem ONT. ONKOH2T0
    “I’m the one who mends the broken pieces cutting myself on jagged bits of pain”

Sing Out! - “You’ll search a long time for a single disc with better songs”

6. Anne Hills & Michael Smith - Paradise Lost and Found
    Paradise Lost & Found -
    “ Reaching for your hand while the band played Sousa”

Sing Out! - “Cockburn's writing is constantly aware of the dichotomies of reality - good and evil, rich and poor...With 13 gold and 3 platinum records to his name, Bruce Cockburn needs no nod of U.S.approval.”

7. Bruce Cockburn - When You Give it Away
    Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu - Columbia
    “In the other corner, wearing the white trunks, today’s tourists...”

Sing Out! - “Jody is a phenomenal musician and folk music scholar and these eleven ancient and precious ballads could hardly have landed in better hands. ...To use this recording as background music would be a mistake. I suggest you sit down in a quiet place, put on the headphones and let these old songs and this skilled artist work their magic”

8. Jody Stecher - Lord Leitrim
    Oh The Wind and Rain -  POB 2593 West Chester, PA 19380
    Liner notes by Marin Carthy say “I think Jody Stecher is one of the great singers alive today”

Sing Out! - “The feel of this recording is contemporary and traditional all at one time”

9. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - When I go
    When I Go -
    (Carter says, that the banjo doesn’t always need to sound so chipper. - in an interview )
    “reverence and glory when I go”

Sing Out! -  “Purrpose is not only lyrically impressive but entertaining as composer and performer....Many of Purpose’s melodies have quiet little hooks of beauty....”

10. Darryl Purpose - Mr Schwinn
      Traveler’s Code -
      “For fixing a bike the man had a gift”

Sing Out! - “When finely crafted adult talents are combined with childish appeal they can’t help but be a hit. They are the Rocky and Bullwinkle of folk music, pleasing on various intellectual and humorous levels.”

11. Trout Fishing in America - Dangerous
      Closer to the Truth - http://
      POBox 845 Prairie Grove AR 72753
      “The bigger you get the harder you fall”
      “The older I get, the dumber I feel”

Sing Out! - “The songs are so loaded with words that multiple listenings are required, which is no problem because the songs are strong enough to be worth listening to repeatedly........Funny songs, well delivered.”

12. Dierdre Flint - Fishlands
      Shuffleboard Queens -
      This is a story about fish, not people

Sing Out! - “Henry demonstates not only an adept talent for writing songs that tell good stories, but also the ability to present them in a number of evocative settings.”

13. Jim Henry - Drive-In Move Picture Show
     Wayback -
     “Two-fifty for the carload, we park in the front row”

Sing Out! - “Rick Fielding is an accomplished folk music generalist playing a parking lot version of “Salty Dog” one moment, or a traditional ballad like “The Wind and Rain” the next" - I  wish he'd have mentioned his voice...

14. Rick Fielding - This One’s the Dreamer
      This One’s the Dreamer -
      An up tempo tribute to the pioneers who built Canada.

Sing Out! - “Many of these songs are gentle lullabies, mixed beautifully with lyrics that blend geographcal visions with emotional needs....On his more political tune "Coke Oven Brook" ...does an excellent job of piting the very need for a livelihood against the need for life itself"

15. James Gordon - Coke Oven Brook
     Pipe Street Dreams - Wind River
     “We owed our lives to Sydney Steel"

Sing Out! - “The Book of Survival has so much more than just one catchy has been a long time since I so liked everything I heard on an album.”

16. Deborah Holland - Kids with Guns
      Book of Survival -
      “Kids with guns shooting down kids...nation against nation”

Sing Out! - “Wiegle’s strongest songs are the ones that go beyond the single relationship and address the acceptance of gay culture into society. Hopefully this album will play a part in the need for the fulfillnet of that reality. Weigle’s music is a way for us to place all love and loss in focus.”

17. Mark Weigle - Do You Go
      The Truth Is -
      "It's her turn now to wonder when the aching doesn't fade"

Sing Out! - “Wheatley has an ability to throw her voice up the scale in whispering is a sing who can handle pop, broadway or country sound equally convincingly”

18. Katherine Wheatley - Mrs. McIver
      Habits and Heroes -
      “I hear the neighbours complain...the boys play 'nikki nikki nine door'”

Sing Out! - “Irene is a tiny woman with a big voice who knows how to write a country hit"

18. Irene Kelley - Not So Different After All
      Simple Path -
      "You throw your words in anger at me, cast your stones to see me fall"

Sing Out! - "Love, marriage and the Florida weather seem to have brought a lot of contentment to Rod ...the songs are all engaging and a pleasure to listen to..."

19.  Rod MacDonald - I Have No Problem WIth This
      Into the Blue - Gadfly Records  888 9GADFLY
      "You must be where you belong, or you won't be there very long"