Saturday March 11 2000

Todays Folk Plus, features either new, or newly acquired CD’s

1. Dolly Parton - Silver Dagger
The Grass is Blue - Sugar Hill

2. Dolly Parton - Interview
Dolly speaks about being her own manager and being free of a record label. She says she is doing the best work she has ever done, and enjoying the freedom.

Taking another look at freedom:

3. Sweet Honey in the Rock - Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
     Freedom Song

4.  Angry
     Freedom Song
     “Momma says I was born angry. My daddy says that colored boy in Mississippi who isn’t angry, ain’t been paying attention”-

Thanks to Paul Stamler who forwarded me the following which he prepared for his own show “No Time to Tarry Here”.

5. Barbara Umbogy - Night Without Stars
    Barbara Ombogee is cousin to Michael Schwerner, one of the three college students murdered while trying to investigate beatings and fightings in tMississippi. Barbara travelled to Mississippi with the Freedom Riders of 1999 to petition for a re-opening of the case. Here are her thoughts with music from  Blind Willie Johnson, woven between the words.Praise God I’m Satisfied, Yazoo

(Thanks Paul, from my listeners, for sharing with more ears. One listener called up to say she was crying)

6. Barton and Sweeney - Free
On The Timeline - Tinder Box Records
“Robbed of a lifetime...why did they take the land of the free”

7. Ellis Paul - Did Galileo Pray?
Live - Philo
“The church, the pope, can’t deny the milky way”

8. Kate Rusby - The Cobblers
Sleepless -
“Quite dead upon the floor he lay”

9. Isla St. Clair - When the Pipers Play
When the Pipers Play -
Isla is accompanied by a hundred pipers.

10. Ben Murray and Siobhan Quinn - Oh My Donald
Two Rivers - Redwood

Lots of places mentioned in the titles of many new CD’s

11. Steve Gellman - Dreaming of Ireland
Return to Summer Lake -
“there’s dancing in the streets in Ireland”

12. Mary Black - Big Trip to Portland
Speaking with the angel -
“I’m living to speak with you”

13. Kristina Lems - Chicago Calypso
Oh Mama - Plus -
“the place where I belong”

14. Bill Staines - Virginia’s Reel
October’s Hill - Red House 800 695 4687
“there’s fiddle tunes and there’s fiddle tunes”

15. David Carter and Tracy Grammer - Happytown
Tanglewood Tree -
“It’s all right with me if it’s all right with you”

16. Mary Ellen Bernard - (Neal Shulman) Way Down in New Orleans
Bus Stop -
“I find myself thinking of my belle”

17. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - I’ll be Dreaming of Hawaii
Pillow Full of Wishes -
‘the weather has been cold now for quite some time”

18. John Kribs - The Bus to las Vegas
Vibratile - http://www.
“From Jesus to blackjack”
‘no one back home cares that he is gone”

19 Peter Spencer - With Bierce in Mexico
New Hope and Wise Virgins -
“I’m not 12 year old you think I am”

20. Tom Leiner -Sign of the Cross
Empty Pages - Island folk POBox 37 St. ohn USVI  00831
“Where do you live, somewhere in South America....?”

21. Greg Brown - I Must Be in Oregon
Solid Heart (In Harmony benefit concert)
500 SouthWest Madison, Suite 2, Corvallis, Oregon 97333
Helping kids in transition from foster to permanent home care

Playing locally tomorrow -Bodles Opera House in Chester, NY

22. Joel Mabus - Mosquito Coast
Rhyme Schemes -

23. Joel Mabus - Chairman of the Board
Rhyme Schemes -
“Been that done that”

Also at Bodles tomorrow:

24. Terry Kitchen - The Year of Living Lonely
Blues for Cain and Abel -
“I will not leave here without knowing who I am and I can’t learn that from you”

25. Tim Harrison - Two Hearts Beat in Galina
Tim Harrison -`seccond/tim.htm
“two hearts beat as one”

26. Jimmie Dale Gilmore - (w/David Hammond) One Endless Night
One Endless Night -
“so very long ago”

27. Johnsmith - Down a Gravel Road
To the Four Directions -
“sharing the gifts that were given to me”