Folk Plus, March 25, 2000

Ed McCurdy (1/11/1919-3/23/2000)  I started the show with a tape of a poem Ed read.
Ed McCurdy at the Opening of Speak Easy, 1981
"I’d like to go back to where I have been
If I could only remember the where
But I don’t remember a single thing
Just that I have really been there
So I guess I will never go back again, never
Go back to the where that I was
You may think that I feel that that merits a sigh
You’re right, I feel that it does

But I really do like the where I am now
I do like the now that I’m in
But wherever the this and wherever the that
When the time comes to be
I’ll begin” .

Ed McCurdy was a songwriter, children's entertainer, balladeer, gospel singer, DJ, actor, erotic poet... He worked at WKY in Oklahoma.  In 1939 he began working in burlesque and toured the world. He worked in radio in Canada. He told me that he met his wife, and woke up married to her after a night of drinking.  A true story he said, but he also also did not regret it.

In the early 80’s I managed Greenwich Village’s Speak Easy Folk Club. Ed ran the open mikes on Monday nights until he moved May of 1982 to Nova  Scotia.  He was always ready with a tune, a poem, or a witty remark.  He also found something wonderful about everyone that took part in each evening, and if you’ve attended open mikes, you know, at times, that can be difficult.

Ed’s Voice:
“Have I made a contribution
I think the answer is Yes
But whether negative or positive
I’d scarcely dare to guess”

In 1950 he wrote this song that would become an international peace anthem recorded in 76 languages.
    ...I'd say positive.

1.  Ed McCurdy  (1919 - 2000) - When Soldiers Die in Battlefields/Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream -
     February 1982  The Coop
     "Then truly the angels weep"

New Releases for Women's History Month
Bold-Artist     Italics-cut  Underlined - CD  followed by contacts, then quotes

2.  Carla Ulbrich - Please Do Something Stupid
      Her Fabulous Debut
      “Do you have to be so handsome?”

3.  Karen Savoca - Rain on a Tin Roof
     Here We Go -
     “There’s a hole in the sky, theres a hole in my family”

4.  Les Sampou - Fly
      Les Sampou - 800 ROUNDER
      “no, I’m afraid the child said”

5.  Christine Lavin - Harrison Ford
      Getting in Touch With My Inner Bitch -
      If you are thinking that she had a 3 second experience and wrote a 3 minute song about it....
      “you’d be very very wrong, because it was a 1 second experience and a  4 minute song”

6.  Patty Larkin - Wolf at the Door
      A GoGo - vanguard
      “Yeah, I have a black leather jacket too, I just don't have it on right now

7.  Natalie MacMaster- Gramma
     In My Hands - 1 800 ROUNDER
     The instrumental begins with Natilie's gramma (at 91) talking about wanting to play fiddle

8.  Mary Black (Geoff Bartley/John Gorka) - Cut By Wire
     Speaking with the Angel
    “When we were breaking, we made no sound”

9.  Rhonda Vincent (Carol Annette Musick/Mark Alan Springer) - When I Close My Eyes
     Back Home Again -
     “There's so many things I didn't say”

10.  Second Opinion - Second Wind (not new, but new to me)
     Last Rose - 907 Britten Ave Lansing MI 48910
     “Just when I think Ill make it in time, somebody moves the finish line”

11.  Jennifer Noxon - Gotcha
       Watch as you Walk -
       “they said it was all in my head”

Noon promos including one for upcoming 8th annual WJFF Folk Benefit

12.  Susan Werner - Time Between Trains
        Time Between Trains -
        “I’m not one that complains, but its a long time between trains”

13.   Kristin Lems - The Three Madonnas
         Oh Mama - Plus -
         “three voices in the storm...” Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell

14.  Bernice Lewis - Mama’s Wine Glasses
        Religion and Release -  Blue Bhikku Records
         “I have this memory to carry me along”

15.  Mary Gauthier - I Drink
        Drag Queens and Limosines -
        “Daddys yell, mama’s cry...I drink”

16.  Sara Hickman - Come Around
         Spiritual Appliances -
         504 West 24th ST. #431  Austin, Texas 78705
         “beyond our limitations”

17.  Kate Rusby - I Wonder What is Keeping My True Love this Night
        Sleepless -
        “Are you coming for to tell me you’ve a new love in store”

18.  Indigo Girls - Peace Tonight  (single)
        “Lets make peace tonight, the moon is bare”

19.  Kristina Olsen -  Part Time Love
        Truth of a Woman -
        “I do not know him very well”

20.  Walela (Rita Coolidge, Priscilla Coolidge, Laura Satterfield)
        I Have No Indian Name   -  Unbearable Love
       “You had a brown skinned daughter, you chose to let her go”

..but she does (has an Indian name)
21.  Cynthia Fawn Eagle - (Matt Manning) Run Amigo Run
       Rhythm of the Land -

22.  Susan Werner - Movie of my Life
         Time Between Trains -
        “I hope they get someone famous to direct it”

23.   Rose Vaughan Trio - Sally’s Song
         Sweet Tarragon - Wild Rose Records
         2873 Agricola St. Halifax, N.S.  B3K 4E7
         “Sally..they say you went to war in ‘ independant woman that was you”