Saturday April 8, 2000

I had planned to air an interview I did with Susan Werner a few years ago, since she is playing tonight in New Paltz, and she is one of our featured performers for our 8th annual WJFF Spring Folk Benefit. Well it has disappeared!  I began looking at 6am and spent 3 hours looking annoying everyone who came within my path.

So, I put together a theme on disasters, tragedies, you know boats sinking, devastating fires, wars...but I left them all at home on my piano bench. I guess that figures.... forgetting a planned show on tragedies.....

So this may all prove serendipitous. In my car are the handful of CDs that I have been listening to over and over very happily in preparation for writing a decent review on some of them. This was a relaxing show to do.

So today on Folk Plus, "What I had in my car"

followed by cuts
Terry Tufts.- 2 Nights Solo:Terry Tufts Live at Rasputins - Nutshell
6300 Fernbank RD RR#1 Stittsville Ontario K2S1B6 613 831 6219
1. Marylou in Burgundy
    Spying the woman of your dreams while gigging.

2. You Said
    "You are a limb torn off that haunts me"

3. With a Little Help From My Friends
    Yes - the Beatles tune
Beth Ferguson - Inside Talking - North Track Records
613 567 3449

4. Joy Will Be There
    "hold me til I find the words"

5. Inside Talking
    "My body broken but my heart still open"

6. It'll Be Alright
    "There were times I really needed a mother too"
JohnSmith To The Four Directions  - self
Rte 1 Trempealeau, WI 54661

7. That's My Dad
    "a little tug on the line, thats my dad on the other side"

8. Making Her Move
    "Her mind is made up, enough is enough"

9. What Is
    "I've been missing all I have"

(not actual Minnisota cover)
Wiggin Sisters - Minnesota - self

10. Saturday Afternoons
    This will motivate you to give a parent a call, if you are able

11. Killing Americas Soul
    When you feed kids garbage and violence you can expect that back from them

12. Only Mine
    Your precious children are only yours a short while
Ellis Paul - Live - Philo
Ellis Paul - Live - Philo

13. Love is Too Familiar a Word
    (If you love words, you'll love Ellis Paul)

14. Changing Your Name
    "I never asked you nothing like changing your name"

15. World Ain't Slowing Down
    Included prominantly in the Jim Carrey movie out next June
Susan Werner - Time Between Trains
Bottom Line Records 740 B'dway NYC 10003
16. Time Between Tains
    "Feeling restless and ignored"

17. Movie of My Life
    "I hope they get someone famous to direct it"

18. Still Believe -Midwestern Saturday Night
    I think of Beth Ferguson when I hear the 3rd verse about Laura

Ellis and Susan are out featured artists for this year's Spring Folk Benefit May 6th.
David Olney - Omar's Blues
19. Fast Eddie
      Stop bragging and shoot pool

20. Lazlo
      Do characters exist that are invented by songwriters?

21. Paris Incident
     "Everything points to Jean Paul Leveque"
Christine Lavin - Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch
22. Piper
      Sooner or later you gotta pay
Stephen Fearing - Industrial Lullaby - Red House
23. Upside Down
    "All those whip smart minds got their head in the sand"