In the words of Lynn Miles
"Whose gonna win the human race?"

Last week I aired messages from area youth about the earth.
Today, Earth Day, I air the state of the earth's health in song.
It is 30 years to the day since the first Earth Day.

April 22, 1999

1.    All for You   -   Johnsmith
       To the Four Directions  -
       "The skies of blue, the fields of green are all for you"

2.     On My Pond  -  Kermit the Frog/Muppets
       Marlo Thomas and Friends, Free to Be A Family
       As Kermit enjoys his pond, in come loud messy teens and garbage dumping trucks who overpower his quiet tune.

In 1987, 12 yr old, Andrew Holleman, kept condominiums from being built in a natural area near his Chelmsford Ma home.
In our area, the Bashakill Association wants your help in fighting a five hotel developement on our Bashakill Wetlands off Route 17 near Cuttybackville.  Call Linda Gette 845 754 0725

3.  Water - Magpie Greg Artzner, Terry Leonino
     Circle of Life - pobox Takoma Pk MC 20913
     "keep it clean for me and I'll keep it clean for you"

In 1989 The Exxon oil tanker hit a reef in Alaska's Prince William Sound.  11 million gallons of oil spilled.

4.   Dead Ducks- Howlin' at the Moon
      Cassette - self
      "to save the rainforest baby, before the rainforest dies"

5. Don't Go In The Water - Cosy Sheridan
     Grand design -
     "Arsenic, acetone, methylene chloride..."

6.  Coke Oven Brook - James Gordon
     Pipe Street Dreams -
    "it's time to pay that debt"

7. The Rivers Cheryl Wheeler
    Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar Philo
    "It said on TV that the rivers can poison us"

8.. Metal Drums - Patty Larkin
     Live in the Square - Philo
     "63 million.. that won't bring back their children"

9.    Out of Control   -  Peggy Atwood
       Northern Country  -  Mountain Girl Music POB 225 Shokan NY 12481
       We lay the planet to waste

10.  Don't Go Near the Shore - Jim Gordon and Dave Archibald
        Jim And Dave's Environmental Adventure
        "It's not safe anymore"

11. Living Planet - Jay Mankita
     cassette - self -
     "We can change the Universe"

12.  I am a Dolphin - Jay Mankita
      cassette - self -
      "I swan around the oil slick..... will I ever make it home"

13.  Breathing - Night Sun
        One Moment of Grace -
        The bellows of their accordian mimic the sound of the narwhales

14.  Place in the Choir The Limeliters
      Until We Get It Right -
      "All God's children got a place in the choir"

15.   Hot Frogs on the Loose - Fred Small
       Everything's Possible - Flying Fish/Rounder
       "Radioactive...look out for the tongue"

In 1987 a barge called the Mobro, held 3000 tons of New York State garbage that was refused by North Carolina, Louisiana, Mexico and finally went back to New York, the source of the pile.

16.  Don't Dump Your Junk In My Backyard - Sally Rogers
       "my backyard is full!"

17.   NIMBY - Artisan
       Our Back Yard -
      "anywhere but my back yard"

18.  Times Running Out - Lydia Adams Davis
       Times Running Out
       POBox 162 Cornwall NY 12518
       "...for garbage"

 19.  It really isn't garbage  Danny Einbender
       Dinner Alone is a Bore -
       The author doing this hit

20.  R R R   - Jim and Dave
       Awesome Environmental Adventure -
       "you won't feel any pain"

21. Cash For Trash   Kim and Reggie Harris, Magpie
      Guide My Feet    -
      We've got to do our share

22. Recycling Song - Tom Richter
      Call 603 430 9882 to find about recycling tips in your area
      "government will follow where the people lead"

23..  I Don't Need a Bag - David Roth
       Nights at the Chez - 1 800 484-2367
       "To take a brand new bag everytime I shop's a drag"

24. Requiem for the Trees - Herdman, Hills, Mangsen
      Voices - Flying Fish/Rounder
 "They fell like thunder and left no trace"

25.  Sacred Land - Karie Hillery
      Bridge The Distance -
      "destroying priceless majesty"

26.  Return to the Land - Faith Petric
       Faith's Favorites -

Fluorescent light bulbs use 1/4 the energy of incandescent bulbs.

27.  I'm Going Solar - Victoria Parks
      Sure Feels Like Home
      "I'm going solar just as soon as I can"

28. Water - Jennifer Noxon
     Watch as You Walk
     Written after watching women in Soufriere, St. Lucia, balancing a day's supply of water

29.  Swimming to the Other Side - Pat Humphries
      Same Rain -
      "we are washed by the very same rain"

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