Folk Plus, May 6, 2000

Interview with Mark Weigle

Tonight Susan Werner and Ellis Paul play the 8th annual WJFF benefit. I aired a couple of tunes from them and moved to an interview with Mark Weigle.

Last Sunday April 30th 2000,  at least 200,000 people convergd for the fist gay rights march on the National Mall since 1993.  "we are only asking for the same rights as anyone else"  "Depriving one person...puts everyone at risk"  Dennis Shepard, father of Matthew Shepard, the 21 year old University of Wyoming student who died in October of 1998 after being beaten into a coma and tied to a fence, said "If my son were alive, he would be here today. Gay rights is the civil rights issue of this century"

One man working to this end is Mark Weigle.  He does an excellent job of setting scenes that bring up gut emotions before any pronouns define the situation as gay, thus bridging the "straight"/ "gay" gap well. Mark has tunes about coping with loss, with hatred, teenage confusion about sexuality, and coming to terms with your inner self.   He is an excellent writer with an
emotional delivery. Weigle's music places all love and loss in focus, helping us to accept love in all forms into the world rather
than analyze or judge it.

Mark was in the area last week and sat in my kitchen for an interview which I aired today.

This morning, NPR Commentator Daniel Shore said "I didn't think that anybody could give love a bad name"  He was talking about the new "I Love You" virus that brought down machines all over the world this week, but it applies to today's show.

1.    Susan Werner - Uncle John
       Midwestern Saturday Night

2.   Ellis Paul - She Loves A Girl
      Translucent Soul -

3.    Mark Weigle -  All That Matters
       Live on MiniDisc

4.    Mark Weigle - Shoulder From the Wheel
       Live on MiniDisc

5.    Mark Weigle -Green
        All That Matters -

6.     Mark Weigle -I Confess
        The Truth Is  -
         "Being friends with you is the worst, `cuz its the best"

7.   Deborah Davis - Love is never Wrong
       Uninvited Guests -
      "Passion comes in many colors"

8.    Mark Weigle  - When I See you Say
        The Truth Is  -
       We talked about the fact that he is fluent in sign language.
       "...that you love me.  When your two hands tell me"

9.     Mark Weigle  - Do You Go
        The Truth Is  -
        From a woman's perspective , finding out that her husband is gay.
        Freedom for one is a transfer of the pain.

10.   Mark Weigle  - From Your Kid
        The Truth Is  -
        A song complementing the job his parents did

11.    Mark Weigle  - Partial song in progress
         Live on MiniDisc

12.  John Smith - That's My Dad
        To The Four Directions -
        JohnSmith can take any life event and bring out the possitive side and arm us all ways to musically cope

13.  Catie Curtis - The Truth Is
        Catie Curtis -
        "She doesn't want to know what the truth is"

14.  Buddy Mondlock - No Choice
       Poetic Justice -
       "But he never really had no choice, it was a love so big that it filled his heart"

15.  SONiA - Fallin
       Almost Chocolate -
       "Every little thing that she does"

16.  Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer - Crocodile Man
        Tanglewood Tree -
        "hitchin up river in the dark alone"

17.  Melissa Etheridge - Shriner's Park
        Your Little Secret -
        "Trying to make some sence"

18.   Cheryl Wheeler - Estate Sale
         Circles and Arrows -
          Reminding everyone about the WJFF auction coming up 5/28/00

19.  Holy Near - More Important to Me
        Hang In There -
        "...that we not fight because of a man"

20.  Ani DeFranco - Gravel
       Little Plastic Castle -
       she intended to fight but handed him a beer instead

21.  Janis Ian - House Without A Heart
        Hunger - Windham Hill