Saturday May 13, 2000

I read portions from both the MillionMomMarch and moms4guns@yahoo and covered violence and children.
Mother's Day was also covered from the angles of:  memories, "mothering" as parents of parents, as parents of special-needs children, losing parents and losing children. North Star Records offered two copies of  Mother Songs Celebrating Mothers & Motherhood cd's to anyone who would call the show to recommend a great mom to receive them.

1.   The Two Horizons  -  Jay Ansill
     Origami - Flying Fish
     Thought I'd mention I usually use this theme to begin.  Instrumental

2.   Million - Cali Rose
      Gets Goofy -
     "There are a million Hallmark cards"

3.  Mama's Prayers  Susan Aglukark
     Artic Rose -
     "my daughter's at the age when she just won't agree"

4.  Mama I Miss You Tonight - Claudia Schmidt, Sally Rogers
     Closing the
     Wishing to be able to talk with your mom

5.  Grandma's Song - Cathy Ryan (along with Robin Spielberg, Susan McKeown)
     Mother  -  North
     Cathy's mother lead her to singing. She died of Alzheimers.

6.  Em's Song - Sirens
     Smilin' -
     Another song about losing a grandparent to Alxheimers.

7.  Holland - David Roth
     Holland - RothDM@Aol.Com
    About planning a trip to Italy and ending up Holland, a metaphor for birthing a special needs child.

8.  Lullabies - Cosy Sheridan
     Quetly Led -
     "My mother's hands put four young heads to sleep night after night"

9.  The Strong in Spirit - Hugh Blumenfeld
      The Strong in Spirit - 1 800 PRIMECD
      The resulting song when Hugh's mother asked that he write her a song when they both knew she was dying.

10.  Hero Unsung - Helen Lewis Moore
       Whenever the Music Plays
       "From her march to follow the call"

11.  Sound effects of pistol.  Sound effects of police radio.

Against the above effects, I read the major goals of the million mom march from their website posting.  I read responces from moms4guns.  The latter saying that when it comes to abortion some march to kill, and now they march against killing.  Some saying that only criminals will have guns if they are outlawed.

12.  Johnny Got A Gun - Tom Paxton
      Wearing the Time - Sugar Hill
      Statistics given on NPR today say that someone dies every 18 minutes from a gunshot.  During my show then, six people were lost.

13.  Little Boy's Pockets - Pat Godwin
       Excess in Moderation - Blood Records
       First gum and yo yos, then a semi-automatic.

14.  Kids with Guns - Deborah Holland
       The Book of Survival -
       "how do you know which side you should be on"

15.  Don't Get Killed - Andy Breckman
       Don't Get Killed  -
       Sending his wife for milk in a dangerous neighborhood a husband gives some advice

16.  Sam - Bridget Ball
       Bricks and Windows -
       "some neighborhood kid just got caught in the crossfire"

17.   Every Mothers Son - Peter Mulvey
       Deep Blue - Eastern Front Records

18.  Blame the Gun - Stu Kabak - self

19.   Dont' Forget the Guns - Cheryl Wheeler
        Driving Home -

20.  Mozote - Jolie Christine Rickman
       Sing It
       Remembering mothers who have tragically watched their children die.

21. Calling on Love - Paul Kamm, Eleanore MacDonald
      Calling on Love -
      "children sleeping tight...not playing under skies where bombs will fall"

22.  Buiochas -  Mother
       "Thanks" (buiochas") to North Star Records
       Winners of the "Mom" award cd's from North Star are Peg Westfall, the sister of a listener who is mother to two girls in Virginia, one a special needs child.  The second winner was the 85 year old mother of a listener who lost her husband last year and moved up from Delaware to the area to be near her daughter and her husband.

23.  Biological Time Bomb - (C.Lavin) Judith Zweiman
       Big League Babe - PRIME CD

24.  No Baby - Ilene Weiss
       Outside and Curious - Gadfly Records 888 9Ga Dfly

25.  Miracle of Birth - Debbie Diedrich
       Going the Distance -

26.  Daughter's of Feminists - Nancy White
       Momnipotent -

27.  Poem - The Nields
       If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now -

28.  Orange Cocoa Cake - (Berryman) C. Fink & M. Marxer
       Parent's Home Companion -

29.  I'll Love You Forever - P. Herdman
       Forever and Always -

30.  For a Long Time To Come - Carla Sciaky
       Awakening - Green Linnet

31.  If It Were Up to Me - Cheryl Wheeler
       Sylvia Hotel - Philo

32.  Only Four - Laurie McClain
        Child Behind My Eyes -  Kindred Voices Music

33.  Flower of Northumberland - Kat Eggleston
       Outside Eden - Waterbug
       Selfishly played to end the show, in honor of my mom
        who gave birth to me in Newcastle Upon Thyme, Northumberland, England.