Folk Plus Saturday May 20th 2000

Tragedy, in song

1.    Peter Yarrow  (Phil Ochs) There but For Fortune
       The Songs of Phil Ochs - Sliced Bread Records
       "There but for fortune go you or I"

2.    David Massengill - Sierra Blanca Massacre
       Twilight the Taj Mahal -
       "Eighteen died in a railroad car"

3.    Small Potatoes - 1000 Candles 1000 Cranes
       Waltz of the Wallflowers -
       "She was six when she saw the flash"

4.    Ruthie Foster - To the Fallen
       Crossover - -
       In honor of the Texas A&M students lost in the bonfire accident 11/99

5.    James Keelaghan - Hillcrest Mines
       Small Rebelions -
       Canada's largest mine disaster in Alberta in1845

6.   Chuck Pyle - Here Comes the Water
       Step By Step - Bee n Flower  Box 385 Eldorado Springs CO 80025 -
       Kenneth Purdy saved dozens of lives warning people about a flood and then lost his own life to the water.

7.    Tamarack - (James Gordon) Huntsville Fire
       Muskoka's Calling -
       From the banks of the Muskoka we watched as the smoke and the flames layed Huntsville low

8.   Margaret MacArthur - (Child Ballad 214) The Braes of Yarrow
      Ballads Thrice Twisted -
      "She found her true love John lying dead and gone in Yarrow"

9.   Hugh Blumenfeld - The Raven
      Big Red -
      "before he sent the dove, Noah sent the raven"

10.  Arlo Guthrie (Woodie Guthrie) - Dust Storm Disaster
       'Til We Outnumber 'em - Righteous Babe Rec.
       1 800  ON HER OWN
       "1935 there struck the worst of dust storms that ever filled the skies"

11.   Deborah Holland (Blind Alfred Reeve) -
        How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live
        Songs from the Great Depression -
        "There was once a time when everything was cheap"

Here Julie Gold introduces her own tune.  This was recorded outside WFDU, following her on air interview with Bill Hahn.  Julie explains that the two incidents happening within several months of each other inspired this tune. This is part of a larger interview that will air in June.

12.  Julie Gold - Tiger in New Jersey
       Try Love -
       "When they shoot they shoot to kill"

13.   The Chad Mitchell Trio - The Golden Vanity
        Live at the Bitter End  -
        "The crew they hauled him out but upon the deck he died"

14.  Gordon Lightfoot - Ballad of the Yarmouth Castle
       Sunday Concert -
       "God help the ones asleep below who cannot find a way"

15.  Lee Murdock (James Gordon) - The Wreck or the Erie Belle
       The Lost Lake Sailors -
       "I keep watching for my mates"
       The CD is a musical tribute to all those lake sailors lost at sea.

16.  David Roth (And Anne Hills) That Kind of Grace
       Rising In Love -
       Sunday Morning, Birmingham
       (An aside, a local Liberty High School graduate headed the FBI investigation,
        read the Times-Herald Record article -
        Bula May, mother of slain son "I would do to others what I'd have them do to me"

17.   Magpie - Kent
        Give Light -
        "searching for reason where they could be none, wondering who was next to fall"
        Pay with your life for questioning

Proceding with names of many an individual tragedy

18.   David Rovics (Al Grierson)  - Candle for Durruti
        Pay Day at Coal Creek  -
        In honor of those dying in defence of freedom in Spain

19.  Steve Gillette - Two Men in the Building
       Texas and Tennessee -
        "They wounded your president"

20.  Cry Cry Cry (James Keelaghan) - Cold Missouri Waters
       Cry Cry Cry - Razor and Tie
       "13 crosses high above the cold Missouri waters"

21.  Artisan - Buried Below
       Our Back Yard -
       "Natural Gas chambers lie behind rock and patiently wait"
       "theres a minor who never again will be late"

22.  Kate Rusby - Drowned Lovers
       Hourglass -
       "she is up and to her chin"

Tragedy brought on by prejudice and fear

23.  Lui Collins (Fred Small) - Guinevere and the Fire
       Stone by Stone -
       "children sent to aunts and uncles"

24.  Rory Block  - Titanic
       Confessions of a Blues Singer - Rounder
       "Guess I'm gonna die"

And finally, escaping a tragedy

25.  John Smith - Pedal to the Metal
       To the Four Directions -
       "There's a tornado in that corn field and here it comes!"