FOLK PLUS                      Saturday June 24th

Hour One: Interview with Julie Gold, sitting by the Hackensack River

Hour Two: Interviews and music from the banks of the Hudson and the Clearwater Festival

1.  Julie Gold - From a Distance
     Dream Loud -
     Julie calls Bette Midler her liberator for first making this song so famous, and Nanci Griffith her mentor who first placed a hold on the song, valueing it.

Following an interview with Bill Hahn WFDU, I sat by the Hackensack river and spoke with Julie Gold to tape an interview for Folk Plus.  We began by Route 4 but it was too noisy with the cars.  So we moved to a grassy area by the Hackensack River, not realizing that motor boats and  geese would become as loud as the cars, we began the interview.
To read the entire interview see:

Julie spoke about the impact Paul McCartney had on her life.  Hearing that he could not stop crying when Linda died,        motivated her to write the following:

2. Julie Gold  "Letter to Paul"
    Try Love

    Julie's new release has cover art by songwriter buddy Ilene Weiss.
3. Ilene Weiss       Waiting for An Answer to Come

    One of Julie's favorite version of "From a Distance" was  recorded for the Atlanta Olympics,  featuring Nancy Griffith, Donna Summer and Raul Malo of the Mavericks.  Its French, English German and Spanish. It's one of the best versions.
4. Nancy Griffith, Donna Summer, Raul Maulo  (Julie Gold's) From A Distance

    Julie was meeting Cliff Eberhardt in two nights for dinner.  A good friend.
5. Cliff Eberhardt   Ever Since I Lost Your Love.

   Julie owes much of her success to her folk musician buddy  Christine Lavin. She calls Chrisitine her Ambassador-Friend.
   "Anything good that has happened to me in this a result of Christine Lavin.  I feel lucky and blessed to know her"
6. Christine Lavin   Getting in Touch with my Inner Bitch:
    Getting in Touch with my Inner Bitch

    Julie spent time touring with the Bitchin Babes.
7. Bitchin Babes - (Julie Gold's) Try Love
    Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair -Vol 2.  Philo CD
     Here the babes do a tune that is now the title of Julies just released CD.

Julie shared her medical victories over very early detected cancer. We dedicated this parady of her "From a Distance" tune to Maris Hearn, a WJFF DJ,  fighting a similar battle.
8.  Sue Trainer In a Closeup
     In a Closeup - SueTrainor@AOL.COM

Here is the latest Bitchin' Babe release.
9.  Sally Fingerhett, Megon McDonough, Camille West, Debi Smith -(Don Henry's) Beautiful Fool
      Beyond Bitchin'   - 

The second hour focused on the Clearwater Revival 2000

Dave Connover - Clearwater Educator
Hi. I'm Dave Connover.  I'm with the Hudson River Sloop, Clearwater. We are right here at the Hudson River Revival
in Croton On Hudson. The focus of this year is of course music, environmental displays, crafts, vendors and all sorts of good stuff like that, but one of the things that makes Clearwater unique is the fact that we blend folk music traditions with activism, especially environmental activism.  The focus of this year's festival is PCB's and the Hudson River.  General Electric dumped over a million pounds of PCB's int the Hudson River.

The Environmental Protection Agency is going to decide what is going to happen to these.  Will they be dredged out of  River and destroyed or left there to contaminate the river for decades to come. Imagine that General Electric hopes that the latter happens and that they won't be asked to pay for a Hudson River Cleanup that may total up to billion dollars.
General Electric has made 10 billion in profit this past year, so its not like they can't afford to clean up their PCB's that were in the River. They are working awfully awfully hard to stop that, through congress and an incredible well financed Public Relations campaign. 

We have been doing here is trying to get people to sign a PCB petition to the EPA to show them that there is a lot of public support to have these dangerous chemicals removed from the river ecosystem, thats been the big focus of the effort here today. 

Animated GIF of the Clearwater taken at the Revival
We have had thousands of visitors here signing the petition, we've had a children's version of the petition and we plan on delivering these to Carol Browner, the chief administrator, sometime this fall. This really is an important year in that regard.. General Electirc is hoping that the decision is delayed just a little bit longer until there is a new presidental administration comes in and maybe folks in the EPA might be more favorable to their position.  So the decision is important, that it happens now.  All the information we need is here.  Public support is here.  All that needs to happen is for the right decision.  Thats what we are working on.

Unforunately our local paper reported yesterday (on page 18) that the house has voted to stall.

10. Cosy Sheridan - Don't Go in the Water
       Grand Design - BWE

11.  Magpie - White Wings
      Seed on the Prarie - Long Tail Records
      "We'll keep on working and sailing and singing til these waters run clean"

I read from printouts gathered at Clearwater. Dredging is the most commonly recommended proceedure for superfund water sites. To other river tunes.

12.  Connie Kaldor - Wood River
       Wood River - Coyote Ent. 416 766 6618

13James Keelaghan - River Run
       My Skies - Green Linet

14.  Erica Wheeler - Down River
       From That Far - Blue Pie Music

15.  Cheryl Wheeler - The Rivers
       Mrs  Pinocci's Guitar -

16.  Rebel Voices - Susan Lewis/Janet Stecher (Hamlisch, Kleban, McKenna) - One
       Piece of the Wall -

17.  Faith Petric - Rivers of Texas
       Faith's Favorites -

WJFF had a booth at Clearwater in the alternative energy area, being a hydro-powered radio station.  Pete Seeger gave a talk on his electric powered truck, and Richard Gottlieb spoke about Solar powered electricity.

18.  Holly Near - Power
       Speed of Light - Redwood Records
       Give me the warm power of the sun

Audubon society spoke about some endangered birds around the airports of NYC, and a proposal to route a bike route through an area that would disturb these birds.

19.  Aileen Vance - Eye for an Eye
       Sweet Life

There were people at the festival concerned aobut he doxens of Genetically engineered foods already on the market
20.  Moxy Fruvous - Johnny Saucepan
     The B Album -

Free posters with the following quote from Pete Seeger were given at the Festival.
   "And still I 'm searching, Yes I'm still searching for a way we all can learn.  To build a world where we all can share the work, the fun, the food the space, the Joy...the pain and no one, no one will ever want or need to be a millionaire"

21.  Tamarack - Stuart and Lillian
       Fields of Rock and Snow - Folk Era
       "When Stuart and Lillian won fourteen million...."

22.  Lou and Peter Berryman - Hard Work and Perseverance
       We Don't Talk About That! -
       The Berryman's asked Pete if they could steal an idea of his for this song, he said to go ahead since he had stolen it from Carl Sandburg.