Saturday July 1, 2000  Folk Plus

Interview with Kat Eggleston and Kate Macleod
Before the women arrived, I played music with a traditional feel.

1.  Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons
     Origami - Flying Fish
     Thought I'd mention I usually use this theme to begin.  Instrumental.

2. Kallet, Epstein, Cicone  -  My Johnny was a Shoemaker
    Only Human -
     "And dearly he loved me"

3.  Lui Collins - Rarest Rose
     Paired Down -
     "The walls rise up so dreary"

4.  David Francey - Saints and Sinners
     Torn Screen Door -
     "It's a long way from Heaven to Bethlehem"

5.  Night Sun - Gypsy
     Home -
     "Voices in the wind say, "Keep on Moving"

6.  Tracy Sands and Rod MacDonald - The Water is Wide
     Voice on the Line -
     "Neither have I wings to fly"

7.  Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin - (Iris DeMent) Our Town
     Our Town - Rounder
     "Go on now and say good-bye to our town"

8.  Kat Eggleston -Home
     Second Nature -
     "If someone gave you the power, would you go home?"

9.  Kate MacLeod - Piney Wood Hills
     Constant Emotion -
    "I'm on my way home"

10.  Karen Casey - (Ritchie) One I love
       Songlines - Shanachie 78007
        "Three, she's true to me"

11.  Kate MacLeod  - The Child
       "MacLeod's original version of  the traditional "False Knight on the Road"

12.  Kate MacLeod - Angels on My Mind
       About a miner who was home sick the day of the 1984 fire in his Utah mine.

13. Sara Grey - Goodbye My Lover I'm Gone
      Back In the Airly Days - Waterbug
      "I'm bound to leave you here"

14. Kat Eggleston - Scottish Song -  LIVE
      "I'm sailing to some foreign country to see what tidings I can bring home"

15. Kat Eggleston - Brian
      Outside Eden - Waterbug
      "He floated like a paper doll with hardly any weight"

16.  Kat Eggleston - Your Window
       First Warm Wind - Waterbug
       "It's not your window, you don't live there anymore"

17.  Kate McCloed - Lark In the Morning
       Trying to Get it Right -
        "Your love wasn't born on a promise for me"

18.  Annie Gallup - Fight the Devil
       Cause and Effect - Prime CD
        "You would lie for me, steal for me"

19. Dick Gaughan - (Adam McNaughton)  Thomas Muir of Huntershill
       Redwood Cathedral - Appleseed
      "The future of our land is with the workers and the young"

20. Trout Fishing in America - (Key/Smith) Star Spangled Banner