Folk Plus Setlist           Saturday July 8 2000

Highlighting CD's from SING OUT!s  spring 2000 issue.

Artist/Cut/CD/contact followed by Sing Out! quote

1.  Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons
     Origami - Flying Fish
     Theme. Instrumental introduction.

2.  Simple Gifts - (Hirshon) Fifth Brew
     Time and Again -
       "A trio of talented women who specialize in presenting a variety  of music from around the world"

3.  Nickel Creek - Sweet Afton
     Nickel Creek -
      "Nickel Greek is the leader of the pack of young superpickers"

4.   David Roth - The Dream
      Irreconcilable Similarities -
       "basketball star Hakeem Olajuwon bends corporate sponsorship to the public good"

5.   Terry Kitchen - Martin Luther
      Blues for Cain and Abel -
      "tribute to Luther's religious rebelliousness and questions whether contemporary society has lost that sense.

6.    Christine Lavin - Single Voice
        Getting in Touch WIth My Inner Bitch -
         Christine is a "multi-voiced compilation of her varied interests and accomplishments"

7.   Stuart Whitford - Out on the Oregon Trail
      Vertical Land -
       "Western imagery.... Stuart's voice has a comfortable quality with just the right amount of expression"

8.    Bill Staines - On the Road Again
      October's Hill - RHR 1 800 695 4687
       "You want to sit around the fire and let Staines' affable, avuncular voice warm you"

9.    Richard Shindell - You Stay Here
      Somewhere Near Paterson -
       "That's one of Shindell's specialities, to keep the listener thinking"

10.  David Olney - The Hat and the Cane
        Omar's Blues
        "The characters Olney brings into existence can be pictured easily from the few lines."

11.  Ellis Paul - World Ain't Slowin' Down
        Live -
        "What Translucent Soul did as a window to his wrtiting, Live does as a window to his performance"
        "can ride both highs of mastering writing as a craft while simultaneously maintaining a hit sound"

12.  John Smith - She's Making Her Move
       To The Four Seasons
        "Smith listens to his heart, and his singing makes us listen to our own"

13.  Vance Gilbert  - If These Teardrops Had Wings
       Somerville Live -
       "The beauty of his voice is a religious experience"

14.  Vance Gilbert - Teletubbies
      Somerville Live -
        "here you'll find a typical Gilbert Live performance"

15.  Wiggins Sisters Minnesota
       Minnesota -
       "There is nothing like hearing the blending of sibling voices"

16.  NonChalants - Lost Dog
       Drive -
       "A dynamic commentary on modern life"

17.  Terry Tufts -  Only Half-Way
       2  Night Solo, Live at Rasputin's -
       "His vocals are delivered with the same strength as his solid and impressive guitar work"

18.  David Francey -Hard Steel Mill
       Torn Screen Door -
          "Although from Quebec he sounds very British Isles in both his writing and singing"
          "fresh voice with ample talent"

19.  Beth Ferguson - Working on a Miracle
        Inside Talking -
        "The music is uplifting and the melodies last"

20   Gordon Bok - This Kind Land
       In The Kind Land -
        "Bok puts his deep voice and skill on several insturments to the service of an eclectic set of songs.

21   Magpie (Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino) .- Captain
       John Brown: Sword of the Spirit
        This CD was not yet reviewed but the song was included along with an article by the authors.
        The song is John  Brown's answer to interrogation after the Harper's Ferry fight.

22   Rhonda Vincent - Jolene
       Back Home Again - Rounder
       "She is more than a competent picker. .."
      " Her Jolene is a killer version that rivals Parton's original"