Fundraiser. Lots of talk. Lots of visitors Not much music.

 Over two thousand before noon, great start.

Rebel Voices - I Hype the Songs - Piece of the Wall
Small Potatoes- Waltz of the Wallflowers - Waltz of the Wallflowers
Sirens - Heed the Warning Smilin'
Hot Soup -    Don't Know What Was The Last Thing on my Mind? Soup Happens
Robin Greenstein - Acousticness - Acousticness
Richard Berman- On The Mexican Coast - Storied Lives
Night Sun - Summer Songs - One Moment Of Grace
Rebel Voices - One - Piece of the Wall
Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer - Happytown (All Right With Me) Tanglewood Tree
Lui Collins (and Dana Robinson) - Lose the Ties Leaving Fort Knox
Lou and Peter Berryman - Grimier the Grease - Don't Talk About It
Ellis Paul - Love's Too Familiar a Word- Live
Caren Armstrong - Independent Girl - Independent Girl
Hugh Blumenfeld - Did You Hear the Rain - Big Red
Jeff Cannon - Fist - 2 True
Ron Renninger - All the Women I Never Loved - Music From the Final Woods