Folk Plus  - Saturday July 22, 2000

Aritst (Bold)  - Song (Italics)
CD Title (underlined)  - Contact

1.  Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons
     Origami - Flying Fish
     Theme. Instrumental introduction.

2.  Diane Zeigler - What You've Always Known
     These Are the Roots -
      "hold it safe in the hollow of your heart"

3.  Poozies - Another Train
     Raise Your Head -
     "there's another train, there always is"

4.  Grit Lakin - Sewing Machines
      Unabashedly Folk -
      "She's always too tired but I thinhe is lazy"

5.  Janet Lenore - I'll Not Marry at All
      Ladies of My Family -
     A mother and daughter duet! "how can you turn him down?"

6. Nick Shovlin - Rose of Allendale
    Mellow Scotch -
     "She whispered hopes of happiness"

7.  Lou and Peter Berryman - Talkin' At the Same Time
     Talkin' at the Same Time -
      In their notes, they say it takes two to listen!

8.  SpongeTones - Too Much Talk
     Odd Fellows -
     "Stop all the talk and sing along"

9.  Dana Robinson - Ballad Tree
     The Trade -
     "branch by branch"

10.  Nields - This Town is Wrong
       If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now -
       "Why don't you make the rules"

11.  Peter Mayer - Holy Now
       Million Year Mind -
       "everything is holy now"

12.  Richard Berman - Broken Wings
        Storied Lives -
        "wishing I could take places with him"

13..  Tish Hinojosa - Mona Lisa by the Rio Grande
       Sign of Truth -
          "a lovely senorita she wants the moon"

14  Scott Marrs - The Cheap Seats
       Saturday Morning -
        "As the kids watch the players their dad watches them"

15.  Jim Gary - Zipped
        Zipped -  1 888 JIM GARY
         "It's for your own good"

16.  Mike Breen - State Fair
       Past Lives -
       "I like the roosters and the rabbits"

17.  Pete Nelson - I Drove By Your House
       Days Like Horses -
       "I drive by your house just to prove I don't care"

18.  Rex Fowler - House
        Gettysburg -
         "I got.........but I don't have you"

19.  Paddy Tutty - Thousands or More
       In the Greenwood -
      "I'm as happy as those whose got thousands or more"

20.  Si Kahn - Long Way to Harlan
       Been a Long Time -
       "long way to home"

21.  Pamela Means - Pill
       Cobblestones -
       "you didn't come here to be my friend"

22.  Eric Gerber - Boston By Friday
       Boston By Friday
      "he's found that road that brings him home"

23.  Colcannon - Last Letter Home
        Corvus -
        "I dreamed of a rose in a Spanish garden"

24.  Bill Miller - Every Mountain I Climb
       Ghostdancer -
        1 888 475 9334
        "When is God coming back?"

25..  Kirtana - Choose One
       The Offering
        "Is this the right path?"

26.  Charlie Sohmer -    Murder in the Air
       The Kiss Before the Calm
        "them's 45's and sawed offs that we're facing"

27.  Mae Robertson - Rather Have the Song
       Stone By Stone -
       "another year has passed"

28.  Karen Brooks - Hooday
       Follow the Dream -
       "Why don't we break down these walls between us?"

29.  Bruce Henderson - Speed Rack
       Beyond the Pale -
       "You always liked it fast"

30.  Andy Scheinmean - Slow Down
       Make Amends -
        "You're moving too fast"

31.  William Pint and Felicia Dale - Come Down to Hilo
       Round the Corner -
       "It's just the place for me and you"

32..  Kirtana - Let it Out
       The Offering -
       POBox 221861  Carmel, CA 943922
       "There's a child inside of me...I want to let her out"