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Saturday September 9, 2000. Coverage of the Ottawa Folk Festival Performers from August 25 - 27, Britannia Park, Ottawa.  Festival highlights included honoring the 20th anniversary of Chopper McKinnon's radio show "Canadian Spaces", the 20th anniversary of Rasputin's Folk Cafe and a surprise cake for James Keelaghan marking his new marriage. Last week, I posted my Summerfolk coverage.

Theme Music:  Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons    Origami -  Flying Fish
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1.  David Francey   -Torn Screen Door

2.   David Francey    - Saints and Sinners
      Torn Screen Door -
      David did his first station ID!! Then it was stolen while inside my MiniDisc player from my car.
      I can get another player, but I lost a lot of good moments of recording.

3.   Benji - These Wheels
       Benji II - -

4.    Harte Rouge - Peine
       Une Histoire De Famille - Red House

5.   UHF - Time Will Take It's Toll
      UHF II

6.   Colores Andinos - Vientos Del Sur
      Taki Ruru -

7.   James Keelaghan - Secret

8.   James Keelaghan - Ring
       Road -

9.    Greg Brown - Vivid

10.  Greg Brown - Mose Allison Played Here
       Slant 6 Mind - Red House

11. Garnet Rogers - Stormfront
       Sparrow's Wing -

12.  Sarah Ulrich - Every Road
        Every Road - Esther Records B.C. Canada

13.  Beth Ferguson - Wedding Day Waltz

14.  Beth Ferguson - Learning How To Fall
        Dance on the

15.  Odetta (and Larry Mohr) - I was Born About 10,000 Years Ago
        Fantasy Records

16.   Magda Hiller - Outta Here
         Delicate Cycle -

17.   Eugene Ruffolo - Holding on To Faith
         Fool For Every Season -

18.  Lucy Kaplansky - Scorpion
        Flesh and Bone - Red House

19.  Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman - You Just Don't Get it
        Sunday In Nandua -

20.  Moxy Fruvous - I Will Hold On
        Thornhill - -

21.  Lynn Miles - You Don't Love Me Anymore
        Slightly haunted - Philo

22. Lennie Gallant -  Which Way Does the River Run
       The Open Window -

23. F'loom - Mother Goose Etudes
       F'loom -
       F'loom did an awesome station ID in f'loomesque, also gone with the MiniDisc.

24.  La Volee D'Castors - Le Nez De Martin/Lark in the Morning
        Par Monts et Par Vaux -

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