Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday October 7, 2000

   Columbus, Business, Growth... Progress  ?

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                 Album - Contacts

Theme:    Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons
              Origami - Flying Fish

1.  Tamarack White Man's Word
On the Grand-

2.  Carol Elliott - Sequoyah
People I Meet

Magpie - We Belong to the Earth
Seed On the Prarie -

Victoria Parks - Conquistador
Almost Home      Aprpropo Pub 262 Danhurst Rd. COLUMBUS (!) OH 43228 Parks

5  Sally Rogers - 1492

David Rovics - Song For Big Mountain
Live at Passim -

Hugh Blumenfeld - America Redux
Barehanded -

8  Rebel Voices - Boderlines
Piece of the Wall,

9  Leon Rosselson - Money Matters
Harrys Gone Fishing -

10  James Gordon - Back Before Wal-Mart
Dim Lights Small City

11  Carla Ulbrich - We Don't Need Wal-Mart

12  Floom - Postman-Hill Victory Correspondence
Floom -

13  Jennifer Warnes (Leonard Cohen) - First we Take Manhattan
Famous Blue Raincoat -

Next week officials from the Dept of Health, the Dept of Environmental Conservation, and the Dept of Toxic and Chemical Substances are meeting in Liberty to discuss the MBTE contamination in area wells. Lawyers from NJ are coming with a possible class action suit along with (the now famous Erin B. firm) lawyers from California. Liberty was the first place nationwide to bring the contamination to government agencies, many years ago.

14  Cosy Sheridan - Don't Go In The Water
Grand Design -

15  Cheryl Wheeler - Rivers Can Poison Us
Mrs Pinocci's Guitar -

16. James Gordon - Coke Oven Brook
Pipe Street Dreams -

17  Michael Jerling - How Can People Live Like That?
In Another Life - MJerling

18  John McCutcheon - Ask Any Farmer
What It's

19  Artisan - Speed
Rocking At the Edge of Time

20  Lui Collins - Things To Do
Leaving Fort Knox -

21  Sweet Honey in the Rock - Time
Still the Same

22  Tamarack - Til the Stopwatch is Gone
Leaving Inverarden -

23  Dan Hart - Apocalypse Now and Then
Apocalypse Now and Then - 

24  Sons of the Never Wrong - Dead on the Highway
3 Good Reasons -

25  Free at Last - 21st Century
One Woman's Song -

26  Jay Mankita - Why I'm Here in This World

27  Deborah Holland - Kids With Guns
Book of Survival -

28  Greg Trafidlo - What You Gonna Leave When You Leave?
Old Dog New Tracks -
                What did Columbus Leave? What do we leave? What will you leave?

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