Saturday Nov. 4th 2000 - Folk Plus Playlist

A fund drive show which began with a call from Ellis Paul who played earlier this year at our WJFF folk benefit and whose gig tomorrow in Middletown is already sold out.  We discussed how his musical appearance in a popluar movie has linked popular movie goers with folk fans. He spoke about the dangerous times for public radio these days as government backing is weakening. We also discussed the fragility of life in the light of the passing of Al Grierson. I can air a bunch of tunes one Saturday, and by the next show any one of those performers could have been the victim of an tragic accident.

After saying goodbye to Ellis listeners I went on with a few angel tunes, thanking the station's angels who pledge to keep us going. Several listerners came in to speak at the mikes about the station. Thanks to the "angel" song cd's that were given as premiums, as was Richard's Storied Lives, and Jez Lowe's Live at The Davy Lamp and several new Solas releases to happy pledgers.

Format:   Artist - Track Title
Album - Contacts
Theme:    Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons
          Origami - Flying Fish

1.  Anne Feeney - Look To The Left
Look To The Left -

2.  Al Grierson - This Little Heart
A Candle For Durruti -

3.  Richard Berman - Broken Wings
Storied Lives -

4.  Kati Mac - Angels Are Watching
Anicca -

5.  Jude Vadala - Follow Me Home
Angel Songs -

6.  Artisan - Truth Teller
Dancing With Words

The station manager spoke about how there is no playlist forced on the djs here. I read from the Washington Post article sent on by Paul Stamler to the folk dj list, praising Britney Spears (not) for her new release. Paul added that we are so lucky that we have freedom to air what we love.
I also mentioned Paul's idea of stripping while on air as the pledges rolled in.

A few political numbers in keeping with the time of year:

7. Sara Grey -  Republics and Democrats
Back in the Airly Days -

8.  Burns Sisters - I am a Patriot
Close to Home -

9.  Cindy Kallet - Election Day
Dreaming Down a Quiet Line

10.  New Middle Class - Government
Government -

11.  Cosy Sheridan - Urban Assalut Vehicle
Anthym -

12.  Too Much Yang - Waiting for Michelle
Too Much Yang - Craven Maven 1002

13.  Janet Burgan - Hurry Home
The Coyote Sessions -

14.  Jez Lowe - London Danny
Live at the Davy Lamp -   -

15.  Solas - I Will Remember You
Hour Before Dawn - Shanachie -

16.  Barbara Kessler - Angels are Crying
Barbara Kessler -

I pointed out that some of our programming would have to change its name if we couldn't make pledges:
"Emotional Rescue" on Wednesday nights would become  "Emotional Death"
"The Gumbo Shop" would be the  "Gumbo Shopless"
Our talk show "The People Talk Back"  would be "The People Sit Alone in their Living Room"
"As It Happens"  would become " Nothing Happens"
"All Things Considered"   would of course be " Nothing Considered."
A caller then mentioned that my show "Folk Plus"  would obviously be  "Folk Minus"

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