Folk Plus Playlist November 18,2000

On this Saturday where we discuss nationally the weight and interpretation of people's desires, I want to honor the Dj's that deliver music of thier choice and the stations that allow them to play what they want.  Last weekend  I attended the North East Regional Folk Alliance.  This gathering provides networking for performers, venue operators, labels, agents, distributors and  djs of contemporary folk music. During this weekend I met such folk djs. I spoke with Rick Rock of WBZC, Sonny Ochs of WRPI, Otto Bost of WDIY, Gene Shay of WXPN, Mark Corso WRSU, Suzi Wollenburg and John Lupton of WVUD, Helen Leicht WXPN, Bill Hahn & Ron Olesko WFDU, Susan Forbes Hanson WHUS/WFCR.
The following tunes are from CDs obtained at NERFA that are new to Folk Plus.
I ended with a visit from Heidi Muller in the studio.
Format:   Artist - Track Title           Theme: Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons
Album - Contacts                          Origami - Flying Fish

1.  Mike Agranoff - Ballad of the Sandman
The Modern Folk Musician -
This spoken word, though fictional, involves a DJ passionate about airing variety and quality and ignoring mass media pressure. Someone called saying that they remembered Pete Fornatelle airing it on WNEW. The basic premise celebrates the djs with freedom to programme exactly what moves their hearts. It was a fitting begginning to a show honoring the freedom to play what you want.  My setlists posted at :  are written testimony to the freedom that I have enjoyed at WJFF since 1993.

2.  Kate Campbell - Crazy in Alabama
Visions of Plenty -

3. Dave Nachmanoff - Flying A Sign
A Certain

4.  Licia Sky - Ordinary Day
Moving Forward Looking Back -

5. Akire Bubar - Procrastination
Arms of the Sun -

6. Roy Brookbinder - New Age Woman Blues
WDIY Studio Sessions Volume 1 -

7. Debra Cowan - Bullgine Run
Banks of Green Willow -

 8. Danny O'Keefe - Souvenires
Runnin' From the Devil -

9.  Maria Gillard - When My Heart Comes Home
Little Rose -

10. April Verch -  A Reel Dare
Fiddlelicious -

11.  Judith-Kate Friedman - Moon in a Window
Bigger Things - www.

12.  Tom Dahill - The Old Dun Cow
The Blackthorn Stick -

13.  Peggy Seeger - Called on Your Name
Love Will...Linger On... -     -

14.  Groovelily - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love
Appetizer -

15.  Hot Soup - EBay-o
Single -

16.  Terry Gonda - Not This One
Mud and Milk  -

17.  Amilia K. Spicer - Queen For Hire
Like An Engine -

18.  The Juggernaut Jug Band - Pinball Wizard
Don't Try This At Home -

19.  Michael Hsu - Your Boyfirend, Your Dad
Michael Hsu -

20.  Suzanne McDermott - Great Day
Ephemera -

21.   Andy and Denise - Go
Live at Eddie's Attic - www.AndyAnd

22.  Kate Long - McNamara's Tear
Bigollady -

23.  Douglas Clegg - I've Been Everywhere
Light of the World -

24.  Anne O'Meara Heaton - Megan and Kevin
Anne O'Meara Heaton Live with Frank Marotta

25.  Stuart Markus - Candle in my Hands 3:34
View From the Side of the Road -

26. Heidi Muller -Live - Cassiopeia   -

27 Hiedi Muller - Live - . Gypsy Wind   -

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