Folk Plus Playlist Saturday December 9 2000

Focus on the 50th anniversary issue of Sing Out! Magazine

Format:   Artist - Track Title                       Theme:    Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons
Album - Contacts                                           Origami - Flying Fish

The following CDs were all reviewed in the latest issue of SIng Out! This issue printed songs that were published with notation and lyrics in issues from 1950 to 1995. A "Sing Out! quotes follow contact listing"

1.  Emmylou Harris -Return of the Grievous Angel 3:47
Last Date-
"Last Date genuinely transmits the energy and sheer joy in performance of one of the most famous country acts of the last 30 years"

2.  Si Kahn - Tarpaper Shacks 3:56
Been A Long TIme -  -
""Bittersweet memories of home, family, struggle and hard work are familiar motifs in Si's larger catalog of songs, but given this musical setting, they've never sounded so sweet."

3.  Lou & Peter Berryman - An Hour Away 3:04
House Concert -
"so many people consider Ou and Peter Berryman to be among the freshest voices performing today"

4.  Diane Zeigler - You're Welcome Here
These are the Roots-
"Zeigler and her studio musicians do a great job of framing each song with jus the arrangement."

5.  Julie Gold - Once You Said You Loved Me 4:23
Try Love-
"Try love is full of lyrics graced with faith and optimism. Julie Gold marches to her own piano."

6. Rebel Voices - (Peggy Seeger)B Side 3:23
A Piece of the Wall-
""The women often layer their singing, weaving in and out of each other's lines....THis CD is entertaining while tackling topical subjects."

7. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald- To Lay Me Down 6:24
Calling on Love-
"...great examples of how the simplicity of superb and confident voices can shine with little accompaniment."

8. Lui Collins - Leaving Fort Knox
Leaving Fort Knox-
"Lui has multiple talents...she is a true expert at writing what you'd swer to be a traditional tune."

9. Sirens- Rocking
"No tentative vocals here. The feel of this CD is somewhere between lure and attack."

10. Jennifer Noxon- Devil's Breath 3:00
Watch as You Walk -
"..not just another woman cranking out I focused love songs. There is a pleasing variety to her topics."

11. Freddy Bradburn - First Date 3:31
Night of the Falling Angels-
"His unique lines and crazy humor grab your curiosity."

12. Richard Berman - The Cowboy's Tale 3:45
Storied Lives-
"Listening to Storied Lives is like reading a good short story collection. Bring several bookmarks."

13. Peter Mayer- Fall 3:01
Million Year Mind-
"If you value creativity and a solid lyrical/musical experience, this CD is a must buy."

14. Fireweed - Even If 3:50
Fireweed -
"Listeners who grew up with the music of Simon and Garfunkel, The Eagles, Loggins and Mesina and otehr such bands will feel at home."

15. Still on the Hill - Cuckoo 2:51
Still- 1 800 BUY MY CD
"Their interpretation of 'The Cuckoo' is pure rocket fuel....this CD hits your ears like musical white lightning."

16. Four Bitchin' Babes - Toe to Toe with the HMO 4:06
Beyond Bitchin'- Shanachie
"You can't go wrong with four good voices, four fine songwriters, and a snappy beat."

17. Magpie - Goodbye to Old Ohio 3:37
John Brown Sword of the Spirit-
"Magpie have long been two of the most under-appreciated artists in the contemporary folk idiom." This recording should be assigned to every student studying American history."

18. Carrie Newcomer- Just Like Downtown 3:30
The Age of Possibility-
"Over 100 good songs in 9 years is a remarkable feat by itself."

19. Connie Dover - An Spailpin Fanach 3:25
The Border of Heaven-
"Dover has done her homework. She sings unexpurgated, traditional versions of the songs."

20. Poozies- Hey How My Johhn Lad 4:28
Raise Your Head-
"The work is intoxicatingly lovely throughout and often nervy."

21. Small Potatoes - The Dollar Episode 3:01
Waltz of the Wallflowers-http://
"Jacquie Manning and Rich Prezioso present an eclectic and masterful mix."

22. Small Potatoes - Waltz of the Wallflowers
Waltz of the Wallflowers-http://
"..the duo are always a delight to hear."

23.  Lou & Peter Berryman -Talking at the Same Time 3:04
House Concert -
"warm and real and goes a long way to recreate the intimacy of a small, live performance."

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