Folk Plus Saturday December 23, 2000

Materialism, angels and thinking of those who are coping with the loss of someone this season
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Theme music:  Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  Origami - Flying Fish

First, the materialism:

1.  Look Toto! The Mall!
"I brought Aunty Em's gold card with me and it has got a 10,000 dollar limit."

2.  John Flynn - Who's Whose
John Flynn -
"Do you own the stuff you own, or does the stuff you own, own you?"

3.  Cali Rose - Pooey Pooey Pooey It's Christmas
Cali Rose Gets Goofey -
"That credit card time of year"

4.  Didn't I Get This Last Year?
"Same thing every year Aunt Louise?"

5.  Greg Brown - Who Woulda Thunk It?
In The Dark With You -
"One of these, one of those, that one looks good, wrap it up. Put it on my visa."

6.  Carla Ulbrich - We Don't Need A Wal-Mart
Single CD -  -
"....I'd rather have a hemoriod or an algebra class!"

7. Berryman's - Stuff Song
Some Kinda Funny  -
"I'm ashamed to admit I have too many socks"

8.  James Gordon - Back Before Wal Mart
Mining For Gold -
"Generations of dreams...sitting down in a bank somewhere in Arkansas"

Angels begin appearing

9.  David Wilcox - East Ashville Hardware
East Ashville Hardware -
"An angel appeared..." telling him to shop locally...
"stacks and stacks of plastic swimming pools"

10.  Jude Vadala - Angel Sweet Angel
Angel Songs -
"Take away my money...means nothing anyway when spirits going wrong"

11.  Roches - Want Not Want Not
Keep On Doing - Warner Bros.
"I'd not want if I were smart"

12.  Glenn McPhearson - Nothing More
Mr. Fix-it Man -
"aint no diamond shine as bright as what I'm looking for"

13.  Eva Cassidy - Its Not the Presents
A Holiday Feast Vol.V -
"The one thing I want, I've already got"

14.  Tracy Sands & Rod MacDonald - Walk in the Highlands
Voice On the Line -
"Whenever we measure life's greatest treasures...

15.  Katherine Wheatley - Rita
Habits and Heroes -
"She's the only one who really believes the prince of peace was born
She don't mind walking to church alone... she prays for peace at home"

Coping with loss at the holdiay times:

16.  Iris DeMent - No Time To Cry
My Life -
"Workin' overtime to make sure that I don't come unglued"

17.  Garnet Rogers - Franke and Johnny
Summer Lightening -
"He lived each day as if it was his last"
"If you love someone, let them know"

More angels and loss:

18.  Domestic Science Club (Steve Mote/Joseph Spence)- Unseen Angels
Three Women -,4391,1007556,00.html

19.  Kat Eggleston - Brian
Outside Eden -
"I finally got to say goodbye to Brian last night
A day among the living after Brian came back"

20.  Bruce Cockburn - Closer to The Light
Dart To the Heart -

21.  Mark Fisher - Sixteen Septembers
Scratch Board -
"what she taught us the ones that you treasure,
make sure you tell them everytime they leave your door"

22. Luke Liddy - The Night His Reputation Lost its Shine
Imperfection -  poBox 263 Newton NJ 07860
"For one whole year the state revoked his privelidge to drive"
An appeal here not to drink and drive. The arrest in this song saved more than his life.

23.  Bob Franke - For Real -
Long Roads Short Visits -
"Death took the friend of a neighbour of mine on the highway with a drunk at the wheel"

24. Tom Payne(Chuck Brodsky) - We are Each Other's Angels
Ten Lucky Pennies -
"And we meet when it is time. We keep each other going"

25.  John Webber (McCutcheon) - Christmas in the Trenches
Live taping from North Ft Myers
Loss from war.  "Whose family have I fixed within my sight?"

26.  Barbara Kessler - Angels are Crying
Barbara Kessler
"I felt his burden yet I turned away"
"IT shouldn't be this hard to love"

27.Dave Nachmanoff - Early Train
A Certain Distance -
"you caught an early train to heaven I hope there wasn't any pain"

28. Beth Ferguson - Where Does Music Come From?
Inside Talking -
"I want to be a vesel angel voices can pass through"

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