December 30, 200 WJFF's Folk Plus Playlist

Holidays, family relationships, going home and the less fortunate

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Theme music:  Jay Ansill - The Two Horizons  Origami - Flying Fish

1. Maria Sangiolo - All We Need
Blue Earth -
"peace and company and that was all I'd need"

2. James Keelaghan - Somewhere Ahead
Small Rebellions -

3. Bob Martin - Goin' Home
River Turns the Wheel -http://
"Lost some brothers, lost some friends"

4. Jerry Bresee - Flying Home
Skylight -
"We're overbooked; we're taking volunteers" No free ticket's tempting me tonight"

5. Cosy Sheridan - Love is Thicker Than Water
Anthymn -
"Family is the one you keep on loving"

6. Lavin, McDonough, Larkin, Fingerett - (Fingerett) Home is Where the Heart Is
Buy Me, Bring Me take Me -
"no matter how the heart lives, inside your heart where love is"

7. James Gordon - There is No Silent Night
Mining for Gold -
"Glad tidings for those of wealth and rank possessing... how can you rest ye merry gentlemen?"

8. Marilynn Manfra - Dear Santa
12 Steps of Christmas - 331 Bayview Ave Cranston, R.I. 02905

9. Solas - Homeless
The Hour Before Dawn - Shanachie

10. Susan Graham White - This House
Not Afraid to Fly -

11. Kate Campbell - In My Mother's House
Rosaryville -
"They'll always be a place for me in my mother's house"

12. Kat Eggleston - Home
Second Nature -

13. Steve Cohen - Home for the Holidays
Silent Too Long -
"No I won't be home for the holidays..getting rid of the anger"

14. Jay Ungar and Molly Mason - This Mountain House
Catskill Collection -   (Instrumental)

15. Les Sampou - Home Again
Fall From Grace -http://
"thinking about all the love I've got"

16. Bill & Pam Gurley - Lights of Home
Lights of Home - 1501 Crawfords Corner Rd, Lancaster VA 22503
"holding on til I'm at home at last"

17. Lucia Sky - Going Home
Moving Forward Looking Back -
"looking to the setting sun...I'm going home"

18. NightSun - Home
Home -
"They think it's freedom they want, but it's home"

 19. Maria Gillard - When My Heart Comes Home
Little Rose -
"I will not be able to let go"

20. Cheryl Wheeler - I Know This Town
Circles and Arrows -
"I know these streets and these backyards"

21. Kate Brislin, Jody Stecher (Holy Tashian) -Home
Our Town -
"Home still rocks my soul"

22. Victoria Parks- Sure Feels Like Home
Sure Feels Like Home -
"I love going back to the state of Maine"

23. David Francey - Long Way Home
Torn Screen Door -
"Wipers steady as a heart beat"

24. Mustard's Retreat - Gather the Family
Wind in the Crickets  -
"welcome, good stranger, come in"

25. Sandy Cash - (Peter Jones) - Killkelly
Exact Change -
"What joy to see you again"

26. Colcannon - Last Letter Home
Corvus -
"I will run all the way to meet you there"

27. Joyce Woodson - Sprinklers of Salinas
Landscapes -
"Like I was a kid back home"

28. Cliff Eberhart - You are my home
You Are My Home -
"I'll always have a home"

29. Bruce Davies - A NIght At Home
Life Begins -
"Oh for a night, just one peaceful home"

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